Enjoy The Show! – March 5, 2018


Now that this monumental shift has begun, it may feel as if nothing is happening.  In fact, you may be questioning it.  “Has it even started?  Am I in the middle of it?  Is it over?  Where am I and where are we? Does it even matter?”
Please remember, dear one, that you are exactly where you need to be, learning what you need to learn right now.  You are establishing boundaries you never knew could exist, laying the groundwork for even larger changes in your life and ‘finding your sea-legs’.  (Smiling) Even in those times when you feel as if you are dead stop, growth is happening.  If you feel alone and lost in the enormity of the shift, keep in mind that there are others experiencing the same thing and when you are feeling unloved and unappreciated, it is The Universe giving you the hint that those things must start from the inside and work their way out.  With this knowledge in hand, ask yourself the questions posed at the beginning of this message again.  See, there really is something happening and you have a front row seat to one of the most beautiful times in human history!  Enjoy participating in the show! ~ Creator