Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for March 8, 2018

Operation Disclosure


The stock market collapse is expected around mid-March.

Insiders are alluding to 3/11 being the end for the Cabal.

According to sources, 3/11 could very well be the date of the stock market collapse.

Zimbabwe’s amnesty on externalization of funds ends March 16 (deadline for the sovereign rates [unconfirmed rumor]), just in time.

China’s gold-backed RMB Yuan Futures begins trading on the 26th, also just in time.

The stock market will drop 40-50% from it’s current state.

Once it drops to a set threshold, The UST will introduce the gold-standard.

The IMF will follow by initiating a global gold-standard monetary system (new financial system).

All currencies will be reset (Global Currency Reset).

The RV releases and the 800#’s are published.

The transition to Nova-Earth begins.