Message from the Arcturian Collective for March 12, 2018


Arcturian Collective 3/12/18

Dear friends, children of form and from great distances that have come to serve the light while embodied within the somewhat limited confines of the third dimensional human form, we greet you warmly.

For there is much excitement here in the higher realms of dimension, of light, where manifestation which is but an elusive parlor trick to you, is effortless and easygoing to us. And you will be soon able to perform manifestation with ease and grace for our grounded ones as well. For you are the forerunners, the advanced students, to those who are reading this.

Perhaps you have realized that manifestation is much quicker for you of late? And the importance of minding your p’s and q’s of your thought forms? Yes? Good. For we are here to gently remind you that time is speeding up as you rapidly ascend and that which you think will manifest much more quickly. So please be very aware of what you are thinking and of what thoughts you lay claim to. For many tricky thought forms are still lurking about as we are amidst the thick of it in the clean up phase, although we see that waning quickly. Just because a thought pops in your mind doesn’t mean it is yours – unless you fixate on it. Best to send them the violet fire and let them go on their way. You need not let them stick to you unless you wish for another low vibrational experience, which we can happily see that this group does not.

Your planet Gaia is just breathtaking from space, from the skies of our vantage point, and you friends and grounded ones are the sparkling jewels upon her. Whenever you shine your light and invite your highest self to work with you fully and fully commit to the highest vibration in form, you sparkle like diamonds and the ripple effects of your decisions are felt in the multiverse as they reverberate with the universal frequency of pure love.

For Love is all around you! It is what makes you – you. It is literally the fabric of the universe, the breath of the Mother, of Source, of Devine, whatever you wish to say is right. For who can define accurately the undefinable? Love is energy. Love is power. Love is creation. And you children, young adults, adults of form are quite powerful creators which many of you are now coming to accept which is good, because just because you don’t accept something as truth doesn’t mean that it isn’t. Do you see? The blinders have been so thick, so corrosive to your true visions of yourselves and your mastery. Let us put this truth behind and take off your blinders and claim your mastery. We are quite proud of you, grounded ones. Now go out and share what you have learned gently, slowly if necessary with the others, always in love. For Love is the universal frequency.

Won’t you come aboard our ships for healing and friendship? We extend our hands in greeting. And may we remind you that when you do claim your power, then and only then will you find your peace for it is the piece of you that you have been looking for all this time. Farewell for now. That is all. We are the Arcturian Collective.

~ galaxygirl

”Främlingarna” längtar hem – De ser ett land i förfall (Musik Video) — 13 Mars, 2018

Filosofiskt I hela mitt liv har jag känt stark öppenhet inför alla typer av människor, världsbilder och tankar. Vi människor väljer – oavsett förtryck – om vi vill bygga nya relationer inom våra egna led, vår egen hudfärg eller om vi vill gå bortom kultur och yta i samma eller annat land. Ödet och individens…Läs mera & musik video

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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for March 12, 2018

Operation Disclosure


Trump and Kim Jong-un already met privately last year in November.

Netanyahu has his resignation pre-recorded and ready. The Alliance forced this upon him late last year.

Everything you see on the news is a scripted political play and has already happened behind closed doors.

It is all soft disclosure.

The Alliance have the ability to collapse the stock market at any given time.

The RV exchanges/redemptions are to begin prior to the collapse.

Exchanges/redemptions will be accomplished via private appointment acquired through the toll-free 800 number system.

Your fiat currencies and historic bonds will be exchanged under the new financial system.

Once all exchanges/redemptions have completed, the Alliance will pull the trigger on the stock market and begin it’s collapse.

The collapse of the stock market will be the final financial death blow to the Cabal.

During the collapse, all 18,500+ indictments will be unsealed and a nationwide lock down will occur.

The Republic will step in and sign NESARA into law.

NESARA will activate the U.S. gold-standard and the IMF will follow with a global gold-standard monetary system (disclosure of the new financial system).

Once the dust settles, GESARA will be announced at the U.N.

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: The Dominoes Keep Falling — March 12, 2018

The final defeat of the Khazarian mafia is now visible on the horizon as their world control grid continues to collapse. This is being seen most recently with dramatic political events in Italy, Japan, Korea, and the U.S. Soon we will also see change in the UK, France, Germany, and Israel, multiple sources agree. The….Read more

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Sananda: The Great Event is Coming — March 13, 2018

My dearest friends, It is with great delight, joy and immense love that I bring you the biggest update in recent times. The time is NOW for ALL (who are ready) to return to LOVE. You, my beloved lightworkers, have been patiently waiting for this for a long time. For a magnificent, miraculous Event such…..Read more

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