Google klarar inte av att möta medier – Stängda dörrar, motfotning och vakter (Video) — 28 Mars, 2018

Vi ville ställa frågor om varför Google stänger ner nya nätmediers kanaler på Youtube. Reportage-teamet möttes av ett sociopatiskt beteende, stängda dörrar, vakter och en anställd som “motfotade” oss innan han kvickt stängde dörren. Inlägget Google klarar inte av att möta medier – Stängda dörrar, motfotning och vakter dök först upp på NewsVoice……Läs mera & video

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Veronica Keen – Channeling Montague Keen – March 18, 2018

The Cabal is so desperate to hold on to power, they are prepared to do whatever it takes to prevent the inevitable. They were given every opportunity to come clean, change their ways, and ask forgiveness for their appalling crimes against humanity, but they chose not to. Now you are seeing their last desperate attempt to hold on by trying to start World War 3. This is so obvious, even to those in their control. The Cabal has used war over and over again when things become difficult for them, or when exposure looms before them. This is the reason they own and run the war machine worldwide. The Cabal produces all that is needed for war. Their killing machine is ever ready. Never forget “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”. YOU WERE ALL TAKEN IN BY THOSE LIES.

They own the media, so they are able to control all the information that gets to you. Learn from past mistakes. Do not fall for the lies again. See them for what they are. Stop being puppets of the Cabal. You have a duty to explore the truth for yourself and act upon it. Never in your history has the corruption been more obvious than now. They will organise many more attacks, all false flags, to ensure the mindless are taken in by them. You have been conned into war so many times. Will you ever learn that it is the Cabal’s way of killing you off ? This is FACT.

The Cabal has no respect for human life. It gets its oxygen from the killing, the fear, and the suffering of those they kill. They kill thousands of your children every year. Human sacrifice is happening every day and you choose not to look at those responsible. WHY ? One day they will come for you. Who will speak up for you? By closing your eyes to all of this, you too, are guilty of allowing it to happen and you will answer for it.

Do not believe anything on your television or in the newspapers for they are all owned by the Cabal. Their purpose is to keep you under the control of the Cabal. The opportunity to free yourselves has presented itself: act on it. Remove all that is dark, those things that make slaves of you. The Earth is yours. Do not be responsible for destroying it. The wrong people have managed to get into power worldwide. Watch how they support each other while destroying the human race. Look carefully at how your so-called ‘leaders’ got into power. It was all carefully stage managed. Every one of you has a voice, so use it to prevent even more killings. War is never the answer.

Connect with your higher self and be confident, for all knowledge is within you. Within you, you have memories of every life you have ever lived. All you need to do is to tap into it. You will be surprised at just how much you do know. When you go to certain places, they seem familiar to you, yet you know you have never been there in this lifetime. For you were there in a past life. When you meet someone for the first time and you feel that you know them, you are recognising them from a past life. Sometimes you see a place and you feel fear. The darkness may overwhelm you. This is because something bad happened to you at that place, in a past life. Alexandra Palace in London has bad past memories for Veronica. Egypt, on the other hand, was exciting and magical for both of us.

Your minds are continually bombarded by noise. This is deliberately done to prevent you thinking for yourself and connecting to all that is important to human life. Connecting with nature is a wonderful way to connect with All That Is. Meditate to connect with who you are. Connect with your own personal mission in this life. Many have come from other planets to assist humans in their recovery from slavery and to help them find their true selves again. Your humanity has been beaten out of you. You sank down to the level in which you find yourselves today. But you are wiser now. It is time to rise up and be the human being that, in your heart, you know you are. People who respect all life will never go to war against their fellow man. So refuse to be lied to about why you should accept war. Did you see Tony Blair and George Bush fight their War? What you did see was Tony and George enjoying their war. They could not contain their excitement. Rest assured, you are never told the real reason for war.


These are dangerous times for those who try to awaken others to the truth. The ordeal my dear wife was put through on the 5 March was horrendous. She felt she was being raped again.



I was brutally raped by a priest when I was young. It felt like I was being raped again. I am having problems with TalkTalk, my ISP, so I complained to them. Then I had a phone call from a man who said he was from TalkTalk and that he would deal with the problem. I believed him. He told me to go to my computer and I did so. HE WAS ALREADY ON MY COMPUTER. He was doing all sorts of things to it. He had an assistant who showed my Bank Accounts. I was shocked. He took money out of my account before my eyes. I turned my computer off immediately and put the phone down as it was making shrill noises in my ear. The two of them kept ringing me on both telephone lines. I do not believe they were amateurs. They were experts and their intention was to scare me, and to show me what they could do. It left me very stressed, threatened, and without a computer for two days. They had also placed many viruses on it. A later report by a computer engineer stated that those who attacked my computer gained entry by using Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

The Cabal will use every means to hold on to power. No one is safe. They are single-minded in their determination to stay in power. They will even allow one of their own to be publicly attacked and stabbed in an effort to persuade you to get into line. THE CABAL FEARS YOU NOW, SO THEY WILL ENSURE THAT YOU FEEL UNSAFE, so that you will support their war plans. Wake up!

My dear, this attack left you feeling helpless and exposed. However, you have dealt with worse things. My blood family were pure evil at the time of my death, and took as their right, all that I had left to you. But you survived and progressed, and you will do so again, my dear.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


To those who have written to me: you have given me something to look forward to each day. It has made a huge difference to my life. I thank each and every one of you.

Ireland won the Rugby Grand Slam on St Patrick’s Day. I told him about the game and he asked me to promise that I would watch it for him, which I did. Ireland 24, England 10, a result that pleased him.

Dave has logged all your letters and cards. You have made him feel part of the human race again. One day he will be able to thank you himself. It is his birthday on the 5 April. He still has the card I sent him last year. He read it to me yesterday. You have all made such a difference to his life and I thank you.


Contact Details

Dave McCann,
MJ 03 A Pod 11,
Booking Number 1621184,
Prisoner ID 7076771,
P.O. Box 872,
Fresno, California, 93712, USA.

I have Dave’s permission to ask you to help him. He is deeply grateful to you for reaching out to him.He is trapped in America without friends or family, no visitors at all.

Justice for Dave McCann. Irishman framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

SaLuSa: We can Dispense with Laborious Trials – March 28, 2018

In the course of research, I came across this remarkable passage from SaLuSa.

I realized that this was one of the key passages that informed my ideas of what the fate of the cabal leaders would be.

What was “the coming months” has become years, but the plan that SaLuSa lays out is still the one that I think the Company of Heaven has followed.

The fact that we moved from an Ascension of the few to an Ascension of the many is probably one factor in the lengthening of the accountability process, but the mechanisms will remain the same, I believe.

What SaLuSa does not mention here that he does mention elsewhere is that the Company of Heaven is able to introduce evidence in court from the Akashic Records – so there is no chance of inaccuracy.

SaLuSa: Almost on a daily basis you are now learning about the truth behind many events that have been the work of the dark Ones, but hidden behind legitimate activities. The truth goes a lot deeper than you really know, but over the coming months it is going to be revealed to set the historical records right.

It will be presented in such a way, that no amount of denial will change the facts that support the accounts we will give you. We also need them to substantiate the actions that are planned, when many persons in authority are removed because they have participated in criminal activities against you. At this point our concern is to get them out quite lawfully, and not waste time before they are replaced by those who are of the Light.

Over the many years we have accumulated more than sufficient evidence to show which individuals have broken their promises to work for the people, and instead fallen for promises to get rich quick at their expense. We can therefore largely dispense with the laborious and long-winded trials that there is no longer sufficient time for. However, some crimes against you are of such gravity that a few individuals will stand trial, so as to reveal the full extent of them.

As you can imagine, such Beings are those who are of the Illuminati and controlled the plans to bring about world slavery of the Human Race. Clearly with Ascension so near to manifesting they will eventually be removed, and spend their time at an appropriate level where they can reflect upon the effect they have had upon millions of Beings. All is not lost where they are concerned, but their path back to the Light will be long and arduous. (1)


(1) SaLuSa, Dec. 19, 2011, at Tree of the Golden Light.

Whistleblower Testifies Facebook Listens to You EVERYWHERE—Here’s How To Stop It — March 28, 2018

By Matt Agorist In June of 2016, as Instagram celebrated reaching 500 million monthly users, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, posted a photo of himself enjoying the moment. The photo quickly went viral, not because people like Zuckerberg, but because it showed the owner of a company—that requests permission to record through your camera and….Read more

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Your Time – March 28, 2018


It is time to retreat and rest, dear one.  You have been working harder than you ever have before and the need for some peace and quiet is well-deserved.  Others may push you to keep going, but you know what is best and you have a right to say, ‘No, not today.”

The next wave will bring many very intense changes throughout your world and this rest period is essential for your over-all health.  Revel in it, swim in it, love yourself through it and breath it in.  It is your time! ~ Creator

Monsanto and Bayer Tie the Knot – Don’t Miss the Most Satanic Wedding of the Year – March 27, 2018

Julian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times

Oh happy day! Two entities that are clearly a near perfect match, are to be joined together in hellish matrimony.

On the 21st March, 2018, after due consideration, The EU Monopolies and Murders Commission sanctioned their marriage – for the princely sum of just $666 billion dollars. What a joyous day for the people, plants and animals of planet Earth!

The wedding, between these two infamous same-sex corporates, is to be celebrated with a laboratory prepared Roundup Ready cocktail, which invited guests will be able to savor from specially commissioned asbestos goblets, each bearing the Saturnian insignia of the corporate couple.

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Two UFO’s Crossing Private Aircraft Dangerously Close In Mid-Flight — UFO Sightings Hotspot (Video) – March 27, 2018

Argentine pilot surprised by two UFO’s which buzzed his aircraft dangerously close in mid-flight. A veteran civilian Argentine pilot filmed out of his cockpit windscreen of his private aircraft flying through dense clouds when two UFOs crossed in front of his aircraft at high speed ‘twice’ in both directions (port to starboard and return direction) before…Read more & video

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BREAKING: Corey Feldman Hospitalized After Ambush Stabbing Attack — March 28, 2018

Corey Feldman reports that he was ambushed by three men and then stabbed by one of them as revenge for exposing child predators in Hollywood. The post BREAKING: Corey Feldman Hospitalized After Ambush Stabbing Attack appeared first on The Free Thought Project….Read more

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Jan Norberg om valet 2018: Ska svenskarna välja Stefan Löfven den nakna kejsaren igen? — 28 Mars, 2018

“Vi har nog varit naiva” säger Stefan Löfven, konstaterar debattören Jan Norberg som hoppas på en ny vinnare i #valet2018 Inlägget Jan Norberg om valet 2018: Ska svenskarna välja Stefan Löfven den nakna kejsaren igen? dök först upp på NewsVoice…..Läs mera

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Bonnierkoncernen bryter mot sina egna pressetiska ideal — 28 Mars, 2018

Bonnierkoncernen: “Den illasinnade kritiken, den öppna fientligheten och hoten mot journalister ska vi avvisa och stå upp mot med kraft. Dessa attacker mot fria medier är en attack också mot den liberala demokratin, mot vår samhällsmodell.” Inlägget Bonnierkoncernen bryter mot sina egna pressetiska ideal dök först upp på NewsVoice…..Läs mera

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