Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for March 28, 2018

Operation Disclosure


Kim Jong-un’s recent visit to China to speak with Xi includes talks about Korean Unification and the Petroyuan.

Korean Unification is a requirement prior to the announcement of GESARA.

The H.R. 5404 bill is the gold-standard which is set to be announced shortly to prevent the U.S. from collapsing during the major stock market corrections.

The UST will step in to guarantee all deposits once banks lose their derivatives.

The announcement of the gold-standard in the U.S. will be the trigger for a gold-standard global monetary system (new financial system).

All rates will be reset and prices changed dramatically once the new financial system fully replaces the old system.

Rumor has it the U.S. gold-standard is set to be announced sometime during the first week of April.

The RV can be expected during or after these events.