Secret Diplomatic Meeting near Saturn Discussed Humanity’s Future — April 2, 2018

In the three years that Corey Goode has been revealing his stunning information about secret space programs, extraterrestrial civilizations, and diplomatic meetings, there has been a steady build up to some major revelations about humanity’s future. It appears that a critical threshold was reached in a December 2017 meeting near the planet Saturn where multiple…Read more

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HPV Vaccine Gardasil Kills: Confirmed By Court Ruling (Video) — April 2, 2018

By Catherine J. Frompovich “After 8 long years, the government finally conceded that we met our burden of proof that Gardasil caused my death.” [1] Christina Richelle Tarsell “died from an arrhythmia induced by an autoimmune response to the HPV vaccine Gardasil which [she] had received only days before [her] death. …. This is a…Read more & video

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Microsoft vill inte besvara Nya Dagbladets frågor om sökcencur — 2 April, 2018

NYA DAGBLADET. Efter Expressens häxjakt på Googles Sverigechef Anna Wikland gav Google vika och censurerade sökresultat på Google och Youtube. Microsoft var inte sena med att göra detsamma på sin sökmotor Bing. Nya Dagbladet åkte till huvudkontoret för att ställa företaget till svars. Efter flera veckors häxjakt på sökmotorjättarna Google och Microsoft gav de vika.…Läs mera

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Triggers – April 2, 2018

When you open yourself to, hear and understand another person’s truth, it may be hurtful.  Triggers exist everywhere.  Some will begin a less than positive reaction, others will not.  However, when you open yourself to hear that truth, regardless of whether you agree with it or not, you open yourself to love unconditionally.  If you can hear what is being said without responding negatively this is 90% of ‘the battle’.  You can listen, but you most certainly do not have to agree.  What a wonderful gift! ~ Creator

Daily Message ~ Monday April 2, 2018


Imagine that you are on a journey that is long and demanding. You are moving as quickly as you can trying to make the most progress possible. Scattered along the way are rest stops where you can pause to catch your breath, honour your body with whatever it needs, assess your progress and itinerary, and rehydrate. You understand the importance of these rest stops and embrace them gratefully when you come upon them. You know they are a necessity for your continued success.

There is no difference between a physical journey and a spiritual journey! The lulls strategically occur to give you what you need to refresh and rejuvenate in order to carry on. Both the action phases and the rest phases serve each other.

You are in very fast forward moving energies, Dear Ones. There will still be lulls but for most of you they will be of shorter duration than you have experienced previously. It is important to embrace them and accept the gifts they offer in order to have everything you need for your comfort and success. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Are You Ready To Grow? – April 1, 2018


My dearest one, today you are being invited to take a deep look into yourself.  Spring (and this particular day in general) is a symbol of rebirth and growth.  It is also an opportunity for you to stop dodging the heavy, challenging, gut-wrenching stuff.  If you choose to procrastinate, it will eventually come back and surprise you in unexpected ways. Then where will you be?

As the energy for the next step of the shift begins to increase, it is time to listen and truly understand what you need for your own personal growth.  Remember, you are not voiceless…The Universe is always listening and waiting to assist whenever you are ready to release! ~ Creator