Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 3, 2018

Operation Disclosure


There is a sequence of events that must be accomplished before the RV release protocol is finalized.

The RV release protocol has been finalized in the past but was changed due to the ever-changing situation.

China and Zimbabwe have announced a partnership of cooperation. This is part of the sequence of events that will lead to Zimbabwe switching to a gold-standard.

Once Zimbabwe switches to a gold-standard, another sequence of events will be triggered which will lead to the U.S. announcing the gold-standard (USN).

The RV release protocol will be finalized some time in-between these sequence events which are all expected to be accomplished this April.

Note that the USD is already gold-backed and is listed under the new financial system as “United States Note (USN)”.

The appearance of the HR5404 bill is a cover to legally implement the gold-standard for those unaware of happenings behind the scenes.

Remember, most of the Earth’s population are not awakened. However, that is changing rapidly — but in order to speed up the process, everything must be done inconspicuously.

What is seen is already done.

We are passengers on a journey to Nova Earth. Like a ship traveling through space, there is no way off. All you can do is wait until we reach our destination.

Archangel Raphael: The Event is Now Underway — April 3, 2018

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I am graced with the presence loving energy of Archangel Raphael. I, Archangel Raphael, come forth at this hour with great love and compassion for you all at this time. I Archangel Raphael, represent the Emerald…Read more

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Archangel Michael: The Butterfly Effect — April 3, 2018

The butterfly has long been the symbol of change, both in the scientific and spiritual worlds. Butterflies begin life in a form that bears no resemblance to their eventual appearance. The beauty that eventuates after the change happens is both breathtaking and spectacular and the sight of a butterfly inspires joy and happiness in people…Read more

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Sananda: Struggle is Over — April 3, 2018

Dear-hearts, children, friends and fellow warriors of the light, I am your brother and friend Sananda here to reassure you friends that all is indeed going quite well! For as the light permeates all things, the darkness and dross – the misguided energies – have no where to go, but to be transmuted by this…Read more

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Vitamin D Lowers Risks of Cancer — April 3, 2018

High levels of vitamin D may be linked to a lower risk of developing cancer, including liver cancer, a study published today in the British Medical Journal has said. The researchers said their findings support the theory that vitamin D might help protect against some cancers. Vitamin D is made by the skin in response…Read more

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Israeli Bombs Are Raining Down On Gaza And Nobody’s Talking About It — April 3, 2018

Gaza does not have an air force, does not have air defenses of its own, and in essence represents 2 million Palestinians trapped in what is widely regarded as an open-air prison, which is predicted to become uninhabitable in less than two years. With close to zero media coverage, particularly any analysis that is critical…Read more

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Kanalpapegojorna i USA:s mäktigaste mediabolag läser duktigt från manus (Video) — 3 April, 2018

NOTERAT. Ett av USA:s mäktigaste mediabolag Sinclair Broadcast Group skickar ut färdiga manus för vad TV-kanalerna ska säga i direktsändning för att bekämpa fake news medan de samtidigt utger sig för att själva stå fria från problemet. ”Sinclair Broadcast Group is a publicly traded American telecommunications company that is controlled by the family of company…läs mera & video

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