Forest Therapy: How Spending Time In The Woods Can Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul — Collective Evolution – July 2, 2018

It may or may not come as a surprise to you, but simply spending time in a forest can actually be a key to alleviating a wide array of mental, physical, and emotional ailments. In fact, the absence of nature in your life could very well be a cause for some of your suffering and…Read more & short video

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Newest Crop Circles From June 9th – July 1, 2018 — Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

Please visit Crop Circle Connector for more photos and videos of the most recent crop circles discovered around the world.

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Your Life… – July 2, 2018

Lest you forget darling one; your life is beautiful and so are you.  Your life is amazing and so are you!  The world is a wonderful place and you are as well.  You may not see these things all the time but, The Universe does and reminds you every day.  It is just a matter of listening.  Are you listening? ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Monday July 2, 2018


As a continuation of our recent message on shame and guilt, we would like to address another aspect of shame – when others have shamed you, or made you feel guilty or shameful.

Shame and guilt have been aspects people have used to control others for centuries. Shame has been used as a tool to control children and get them to behave in a certain manner. It has been used to keep people small, from stepping into their own authentic power, and from shining their own light beautifully and unabashedly.

Shame and guilt that have been heaped upon children is particularly damaging, for it creates a belief system within them that they are inherently bad or not good enough, which erodes self esteem and self confidence.

To be clear, most instances of the use of guilt and shame as an aspect of control was used as a means to an end, to get an immediate change of behaviour without the full understanding of how damaging it was over the long term. People use guilt and shame thinking that will somehow mold another into a better person, without the full understanding of the long term detrimental effects they have. For many, that was how they were raised and they don’t know any better.

If you have been on the receiving end of guilt and shame from others, the first thing we wish for you to understand is that anyone who has an interest in judging you is simply not qualified to do so. If they had the vantage point to see you in your truth and offer an opinion on that, they would only encourage you and remind you of your own perfection and divinity as an individuated aspect of Source energy.

We understand that the reality of this is that guilt and shame results in deep conditioning to think that you are not good enough. But the good news is you now know better than this. You know, within your heart, that you are a beautiful and honoured part of the whole. You know as a child you were innocent and divine and perfect, exactly as you were. You know, that while it may have come from ignorance, you never deserved that treatment. You know you deserved love, acceptance, and encouragement to grow into everything you could ever be.

But here is the good news. Your wounded inner child or wounded adult self doesn’t care where the love, acceptance, and encouragement comes from, it just cares that it gets what it so desperately needed back then. And you have the wisdom and compassion to go, right now, and give that to your self.

So enter into meditation and gather that hurting you into your arms and cover him or her with kisses, and love, and reassurance, and every last thing you didn’t get. Tell him or her the people that were around you didn’t understand the truth of who you are and simply didn’t know any better (if they had known better, they would have done better). Treat that part of you like the precious being it has always been, and pledge to never let him or her go through that ever again.

Bottom line is, if you called a horse a cow its entire life, it wouldn’t make it less of a horse. It would only affect it if it started to believe it really was a cow, and even then trying to be a cow would not come easily because a part of it would always remember its true essence which was horse. All that would be required to step back into its truth would be another horse to come along and remind it of its true beingness, or the horse finally allowing itself to see its own reflection and believe that reality.

It is never too late to give yourself what you needed. You have grown into a beautiful, caring, loving soul in spite of all you have been through. If that isn’t enough to celebrate who you are and embrace your glorious truth, we don’t know what is. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Community, Unity & the Collective ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – July 2, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have established a sense of unity among all in our collective, and that unity has brought us closer to other collectives, councils, and beings of light and love. When we stopped seeing ourselves as individuals and started to feel the harmony that comes from knowing ourselves as a collective, everything became easier. Imagine how much easier things would be on planet Earth if you worked together, instead of always competing.

Collaboration is the way of the future. It is the fifth dimensional way. When you connect with others who have similar interests, or similar beliefs, you feel better. You feel more whole and complete. You then want to extend that feeling out to include others. You will benefit greatly from including others in your sense of community, even those you disagree with, even those who do things that you would never do and say things that you would never say.

The sooner you start to navigate through your life with the knowing that those individuals are a part of your community, the easier you will make things on yourselves as you shift your consciousness. The shift doesn’t have to be hard. It can be done with ease, but a big part of that is going to be creating the unity that you want to create, the unity that is necessary to see yourselves as a collective.

You don’t need to agree with everyone in order to acknowledge them. You can give others the free will that Source has granted them and you can accept them and love them unconditionally. This is something that you are destined to do, so why not do it now. Do it now while the world around you seems so bitterly polarized and see how much easier your life gets. See how much progress you can make just by including one more person in your sense of unity, your sense of being a collective, right here and right now.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

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Dear Ones, You are busily adjusting to new emotions, physical shifts, and intellectual AHAs. Throughout this phase, you will likely feel like an emotional yo-yo. Even though you are physically, emotionally, and intellectually quite able to integrate these pieces into…Read more

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New Briefings: Alliance Seizing Trillions Stolen By Deep State, Preparing to Give It Back – July 2, 2018

New Briefings: Alliance Seizing Trillions Stolen By Deep State, Preparing to Give It Back

by | Jul 2, 2018

At least four independent insider sources have revealed that the Alliance is now locating and legally seizing trillions and trillions of dollars in assets stolen by the Deep State.

The money is set to be released back into the legitimate economy as “prosperity funds” that could almost immediately create radical improvements in our overall quality of life.

Certain purported “sources” have been prognosticating this online for years, but this is the first time that our own insider circle has made such statements.

Enormous leaps forward are now being promised by Q Anon for this very month — July 2018. This is a very exciting moment.

The title graphic for this article is an illustration of what 15 trillion in 100-dollar bills would look like. One insider’s estimate of how much stolen money may be recovered is literally twice this amount.

Thankfully, no one will have to design a building big enough to hold all that cash. The stolen credits will simply be transferred back into the economy.


This is one major piece of “good news” that we have been authorized to discuss. The details of this plan are being hammered out in a variety of high-profile meetings of top world leaders.

The enigmatic Q Anon briefings went completely silent as of May 22nd following a big burst of data. It looked like it might be over. One small post was made on June 3rd, followed by another week-long delay.

As it turns out, this was because the team was fully focused on these high-profile meetings, which involved very serious and complex negotiations.

Then the cryptic announcements came back in full, daily force as of June 10th, and have continued ever since.

The Alliance versus Cabal battle is now moving so fast that we have not had time to keep up with it, given a very busy schedule of work, conferences and new initiatives.

Things have finally eased up enough for us to make the time to post… and I do apologize for the delay.

This may hopefully be one of the last ones we write before the “Big One” finally drops.



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The 7 Most Prescribed Drugs In The World And Their Natural Counterparts — Era of Light – July 1, 2018

We don’t have to live in a medicated world, but we certainly choose to. The crux of the matter is that we refuse to proactively think about prevention because we reactively commit to treating the symptoms of underlying health problems. This is the allopathic model. We want the quick fix so we can continue our….Read more

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17 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper — Wake Up World – July 2nd, 2018

July 2nd, 2018 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest writer for Wake Up World Many societies, especially those of the Americas and China, have a history of using cayenne pepper therapeutically. A powerful compound with many uses, cayenne pepper is perfect for cleansing and detoxifying regimes as it stimulates circulation and neutralizes acidity. Historically, cayenne pepper has been used….Read more

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