Terminal Cancer Patient Who Sued Monsanto Gets His Day in Court – July 3, 2018

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  • In 2015, the IARC classified glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen based on limited evidence showing it can cause Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and lung cancer in humans, and convincing evidence linking it to cancer in animals
  • Recent research by the respected Ramazzini Institute shows daily ingestion of glyphosate at the EPA’s acceptable daily dietary exposure level alters sexual development in rats, alters the intestinal microbiome, and has genotoxic effects
  • Recent tests by the U.S. National Toxicology Program reveal the Roundup formula is far more toxic than glyphosate alone, and is lethal to human cells
  • An estimated 4,000 individuals have filed lawsuits against Monsanto, claiming Roundup caused their Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The first cancer patient to get his day in court is Dewayne “Lee” Johnson, who used Roundup extensively in his work as a groundskeeper
  • Bayer seems to be betting on its ability to rehabilitate Monsanto’s products’ reputation simply by ditching the Monsanto name, but worldwide, the fight against Monsanto is now turning toward Bayer as its successor


By Dr. Mercola

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Dearest Infinite Being… – July 3, 2018

Self-discovery is one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself.  Learning your ins and outs, your rough edges and your smooth surfaces can be a tremendous relief and an interesting challenge.  As this shift continues, use the knowledge of Self you have gained and will continue to learn help yourself and others along the way.  Search for and establish your boundaries.  They will be meaningful in the coming weeks and months.  Know that you are an infinite being capable of endless growth within.  In other words…you are stunning and The Universe loves you! ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 3, 2018


Dear Ones, when you think about serving the whole, do you see yourself as being part of that whole, or is it everyone else but you? This is a simple thing we invite you to ponder today, for it will quickly let you know if you are still unconsciously keeping yourself separate from your own love and tender care. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics

New Files Reveal That British Intelligence(MI5) Was Desperate To Reverse Engineer UFO Technology — Collective Evolution – July 3, 2018

Think about how far we’ve come, technologically speaking, within the past 100+ years. Imagine living in the early 1900s, do you think you would have ever envisioned a future as such? We are increasing our technological development at an exponential pace, so much so that it can be overwhelming. Now think about the fact that the….Read more

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Major Disclosures Coming In July, According To David Wilcock — Collective Evolution – July 3, 2018

From my reading of various commentators in our ever-growing collective effort to discover the truth, David Wilcock stands alone both in the scope of human activity he covers, and in the self-consistency of the paradigm he presents, which connects science, spirituality, politics, history, economics, media, and more. David has just written a new post on his blog entitled, ‘New Briefings:….Read more

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5 Reasons Why Modern “Medicine” Is The Greatest Failure Of Our Time — Collective Evolution – July 3, 2018

For a very long time, we have bought into this idea that if we are sick the only way that we can get better is under the advice of a Medical Doctor. They are trained extensively on the human body, disease, and illness; they certainly should know a whole lot about how to help sick….Read more

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Share Your Gifts ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – July 3, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the pleasure of watching over you as you discover the gifts that you have and the gifts that you share with the rest of humanity. It is so important that you share your gifts because when you do, you grant yourselves more access to those gifts. You allow more energy to flow through you when you give the energy that you access somewhere to go.

Your gifts are blossoming now because the energies that you receive are holding such a high frequency. You couldn’t possibly hold them back at this point. The experience of your gifts coming to you can be challenging at times because you don’t know whether what you are seeing is the result of something going wrong with your physical body or whether it’s because you are accessing more of your clairvoyance.

Sometimes the downloads and upgrades that you receive cause discomfort and even pain in your physical bodies. These are ascension symptoms, and the best thing you can do when you are needing to slow down and give your body a chance to rest and recuperate is to listen to what is going on in your physical body and give it the rest that it needs.

Awakening these gifts means that you are accessing past life versions of yourself as well, and that can mean other experiences, some of which are pleasant and some of which are not so pleasant. So as you access your gift of channeling or your psychic gifts, you may also access the trauma that you experienced when some authority figure, some member of a ruling class decided that he or she didn’t like what you were seeing or what you were saying.

You have all been traumatized one way or another as a result of having gifts that others did not. So at times you are going to have to deal with that as well. You are also going to have to deal with being different, from looking different, from sounding different. But the more of you who step up and share your gifts, the more of you there are, and the more of you there are, the less weird it seems when someone comes along and starts speaking a light language or when someone is seeing things or hearing things that no one else is.

It’s time to embrace those gifts and embrace the fact that those of you who are awakened are on the leading edge. You are on that track to ascend ahead of the rest of the collective, and it’s time to stand tall and proud and share your gifts with the world.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: Daniel Scranton