The Epidemic of People Taking Offense, While Tolerating Abusive Behavior as Okay — Era of Light – July 22, 2018

Dear ES Family, The title of this article has been like wildfire in my inbox and has been increasingly observed in the social media landscape for many years now. Many people are taking offense and getting offended over minutiae, splitting hairs and getting really angry over nothing, while they ignore much larger issues that they….Read more

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Climate Change – Something to be Feared or Welcomed? – Part 2/4 – July 22, 2018

(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.)

Humanity’s Role in Climate Change

Man has ravaged and polluted the planet. Whole islands of garbage float in the ocean and impact ocean life.

But to focus on any one issue is to miss the extent of the total picture.  Matthew Ward gives a bit more detail:

“When you add to [it] the deliberate rain of toxins via chemtrails, (1) the toxic waste in landfills, and unsafely stored radioactive materials, it is overwhelmingly clear that nothing in your world has escaped humankind’s negligence, at the very least, and criminal contamination at worst.”” (2)

I’d say that was a pretty thorough speaking of the truth: we’ve ravaged the planet in places.

According to Matthew, many of our scientists ignore the impact of humanity’s pollution on climate change.

“This controversial issue … is a prime example of how duality still is affecting your world – the self-serving interests vs. the interests of the masses and of Earth herself. Scientists who claim that climate change is a natural cyclical happening and not of humankind’s making are ignoring the fact that never before has the planet been plagued with the manmade toxic pollution that exists today.

“Indeed major climate changes have occurred before, when Earth had to rid herself of the negativity created by her human residents’ behaviors, but none of your scientists on either side of the global warming fence knows about that cause and effect.

“The ones who are expressing alarm about melting glaciers and record-breaking temperatures are doing so from genuine concern for future generations, whereas those who pooh-pooh the need to curtail polluting are willingly abetting the self-serving ones who profit handsomely from the many processes that cause pollutants.” (3)

He points to the role of scientists in the employ of government and companies in covering up what’s happening – for financial rather than environmental reasons:

“I don’t know if any of the scientists who say global warming is a naturally recurring episode are ‘enlightened’; what we do know is that scientists who are espousing that opinion are employed by governments or corporations, and the interest of both categories is financial, not environmental.” (4)

Turning from the human role in burdening Gaia to negative consequences we’ll be assisted to avoid, there will be some flooding. But people will have plenty of advance warning to move elsewhere, Matthew says.

“Some low-lying coastal areas and islands will be affected, as I mentioned before along with stating that residents will have time to move to higher areas and be compensated for relocation.” (5)

SaLuSa agrees with Matthew’s prediction of warning:

“There will be problems created by the changes, but you will have ample time to adjust.” (6)

The Arcturian Group reveal that some of the storms and other natural disasters are designed to bring people and communities together, all by soul agreement before birth.

“The storms are not just about global warming or Gaia’s Ascension, but about a spiritual leveling – neighbor talking to and assisting neighbor, strangers stepping in, and the birthing of universal compassion.

“It is about a higher sense of love and oneness emerging among all who up till now considered themselves separate in some way (racially, economically, intellectually, age, etc.) from each other. This leveling process has been necessary in shifting large groups into a deeper realization of oneness.” (7)

Matthew highlights some of the enlightened conservation and clean-up measures people are taking:

“The light in myriad souls is inspiring them to initiate preservation and reparation efforts in numerous ways.

“These extend from individuals clearing away invasive plants thoughtlessly introduced to the detriment of native growth to laws requiring strip mining companies to resurrect the land they have raped, ore mining companies to detoxify water used in their operations, and logging companies to protect animal habitats. Many individuals are inspired to rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wild animals, create wildlife surroundings for zoo animals, add animals to endangered lists, [and] teach poachers on animal preserves other means to earn money.” (8)

Tomorrow we’ll look at the impact of climate change on animal species.

(Continued in Part 3, tomorrow.)


(1) “Chemtrails were developed by Edward Teller and are basically the seeding of thousands of tons of microparticles of aluminum on the upper atmosphere to try to increase the albedo of the planet, the reflectivity of the planet, because of global warming.” (“Interview with ‘Henry Deacon,’ a Livermore Physicist,” Oct. 6, 2006, at

(2) Matthew’s Message, Jan. 11, 2010, at

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

Editorial Note: On News of Cabal Takedown – Golden Age of Gaia – July 21, 2018

Folks, it looks like the takedown of the deep state is beginning in earnest.

The transfer of terabytes of information from President Putin to President Trump allegedly contains information on officials at all levels of government, intelligence and justice communities.

This looks to be the events that have been expected for months or years.

Some readers have written in and said that they don’t like us reporting on political events.

I don’t see how we can avoid it.  We must report on world-changing events.

So if you come here only for spiritual sustenance and not for news of accountability, then perhaps take a vacation for however long it takes to report on the takedown.

Or simply don’t read the stories.

Exercise your right as a spiritual adult to determine what goes into your mind and what does not.

Does this mean that we’ve suddenly become a shrieking, anti-everything-that-we-don’t-like, jingoistic blog?  No, it doesn’t.

It means that the long-awaited phase of Ascension called “accountability” (1) is in full swing and people/lightworkers may need to hear what’s unfolding. And it looks to be extremely fast-paced.

Chances are you won’t find mention of these matters in the mainstream media. And we may have to draw on sources that have in the past been more polemical than we might like, like Hal Turner for instance.

You’ll need to use your discernment in some instances.  (2)

Thank you for understanding.


(1) For more on the Accountability phase of Ascension, see here: “On Accountability / Containment” at

(2) I’m not yet willing to edit another blog’s material when I reproduce an article in its entirety. I’ll use a small quote, yes, which gets around the problem, but I tend not to edit out unfavorable information when I reproduce the whole article.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

Elon Musk And Over 2400 AI Scientists Sign Pledge Against Killer Robots — Collective Evolution – July 22, 2018

It is not an uncommon story in the history of science and technology: the most brilliant and innovative minds of their time discover, create, and invent technologies that can have hugely positive benefits for mankind as a whole. Inevitably, the largest and wealthiest ‘consumer’ of such technologies is the Military-Industrial Complex, and the main ways these technologies are….Read more

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Extra virgin olive oil found to reverse many of the effects of a high-fat diet — NaturalNews – July 21, 2018

Image: Extra virgin olive oil found to reverse many of the effects of a high-fat diet

(Natural News) Could olive oil be the ticket to reversing years of damage caused by a “conventional” Western diet? New research has shown that the beloved oil can help fight against some of the most harmful effects of a diet that’s high in bad fats and added sugars. It’s not a secret that the stereotypical….Read more

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5 Good reasons to include more magnesium-rich foods in your diet — NaturalNews – July 21, 2018

(Natural News) You may not realize it, but magnesium is one of the nutrients your body needs the most. According to the Human Genome Project, there are 3,751 proteins with binding sites for this mineral, which only adds to why you need to eat food items that have an abundance of it. Increasing your magnesium intake can….Read more

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Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 21, 2018


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The malevolent extraterrestrials have given up and retreated leaving the Cabal to fend for themselves.

America dropped to DEFCON level 5 for the first time since the 9/11 attacks.

The Alliance have now allocated focus on the restoration of the Republic.

Read in-between the lines “take control of the Federal Reserve”.

Even the mainstream media is promoting peace.

Israel and Palestine have come to consensus. Both sovereign nations will receive their rightful territories as per GESARA compliance.

The Alliance have authorized for Syria and Yemen to receive Tier 2 funds for reconstruction purposes.

World peace is being achieved as per GESARA compliance.

The announcement of GESARA is close and the RV exchanges/redemptions is even closer.

The longest Lunar Eclipse in this century will occur on July 27.

Zimbabwe’s general elections will be held on July 30.

Authorization of all Tiers to begin exchanging/redeeming may be given any time around July 27, July 30, and August 1.

Source: Operation Disclosure

Exploring the Depths of the Human Collective Consciousness ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – July 22, 2018

Exploring the Depths of the Human Collective Consciousness ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

We have begun exploring the depths of the human collective consciousness to see how far you have gone in your collective history. We have been enjoying the process of discovering the extremes of polarized experiences that you have explored as a human collective. You have all played a part in the creation of these experiences, and so you all deserve credit for the expansion that has occurred as a result.

You knew that you needed to go to extremes in order to create something magnificent. You knew that you needed the energy that is generated from going to the depths, and you did. And now here you are, ready to make the biggest leap forward in human history, the biggest leap possible, and yes, you are seeing some of the depths of your consciousness as a collective for one last examination.

Fear is a very creative and destructive force in this universe. You get very creative when you are in fear, and when you act from fear, you can do a lot of damage. But without that fear, you would not have access to the love. You can take all of these experiences and every aspect of the human collective consciousness to the fifth dimension, but you will never experience them in quite the same way.

You will have a greater sense of who you really are as Source Energy Beings, and therefore, nothing will phase you in the way that it did when you were third dimensional beings, going to these depths and these extremes of polarity. So you literally will have nothing to be afraid of as fifth dimensional beings, but you will still recall what it was like to be able to face something so incredibly terrifying and walk away from it, stronger as a result.

You are going to miss that about the third dimension. As much as you are excited about leaving it all behind, all that you are really leaving behind is the myth that you are anything but full-fledged Source Energy Beings. And no matter how far you go into the depths, that spark of Divinity was always with you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

It Is Time… – July 21, 2018

This is a time of becoming…becoming who and what you truly are.

It is a time to expand and grow and learn to love yourself unconditionally.

It is a time to continue practicing kindness and compassion to those who may not always agree with you or are on different path.

It is a time for remembering that you, and every other person on your Earth plane, are beautiful in their own way.  You may not see it but, they possess same beauty inside and out.

It is a time for accepting that not everyone is awake and the choices they make are part of the wonderful gift of free will.

It is time to embrace what The Universe, the love it has for and what it is teaching you.

Are you ready? ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

Daily Message ~ Saturday July 21, 2018


When you do not move in the direction the flow is trying to take you, you are resisting your own soul and your heartfelt dreams. Your heart and soul are always calling to you, trying to lead you to your highest matches, purpose, and experiences. To deny that is to choose profound resistance to yourself.

That is why the act of surrender always brings relief – it is moving out of resistance into the acceptance and inclusion of your highest self, which is an empowered and healing choice toward wholeness and integration. While the act of surrender certainly activates the assistance of a universe that adores you, it is the recognition and acceptance of your own divine love and guidance you are yearning for most of all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics