Messages of the Moment From Horus – Aug 7, 2018


08-07-18: If there is a time for all of you to look at your lives and see what it is that you are holding back on, it is now, in this moment, and every moment of your lives. It is one of the precise reasons why you are still waiting for the goodness and thankfulness of what you have in your life. It is the moment of truth that brings to you that which you desire and know is already in the wings of your life. Whisper to it and know that it is in the sidetracks of what you know is the perfect life for you in this moment. Allow it to show itself and know that it is the perfect timing for what you create to be heaven on earth and beyond. I am Horus, and I see all of you in perfect harmony with your inner self, as it spreads forth in the outer self of life that you create.

Source: Tree of the Golden Light