Forward Without Fear – Aug 14, 2018


There are many things in your world that are being specifically designed to draw you away from your peace and into fear.  Why is that?  Dear child, it is very simple.  Those that live in fear may look for answers that are readily available rather than taking the time to listen to their hearts.  There is also certain ease in going along with the ‘fear dialogue’ being played out right now on your Earth plane.  It is time to step out of that loop! (Smiling) If you are Divinely guided, you will instinctively know what is right, you will treat all humans as brothers/sisters and begin seeing things for what they are rather than what you are being told they are.  Your homework for today; look at your world and what it could be without fear then begin to take small steps toward a freer world.  The Universe will always be beside you! ~ Creator

Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 14, 2018


The more you embrace being the co-creator of your own life expression, the more you will come to realize that expansion is your friend. If you desire something it is because it is not already part of your experience and the only way you can bring it in is through expansion. Unfoldment is incremental expansion. It creates the space for everything you want to become part of your reality. If we had one wish for you today it would be that you start to understand that expansion is necessary for creation and begin to embrace it with excitement and joy. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for August 14, 2018


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

New information about the Q400 aircraft crash on Ketron Island has emerged.

The plane crash on the island was a cover for an aerial attack.

The F-15 escort was not only there to escort. It was there to attack a Cabal MIC-built underground hideout located on the island.

According to sources, the underground hideout facilitated a submarine dock where a decommissioned Sturgeon-class nuclear submarine was being kept.

The submarine that Q posted back in June ( was the “USS Richard B. Russell”, a Sturgeon-class submarine that was decommissioned in Washington State.

The image of that submarine was posted right after the photo of the Whidbey Island missile launch (

The name of the mechanic who allegedly hijacked the Q400 aircraft was Richard B. Russell.

There are no such thing as coincidences.

Q Post 1845:

“Autists catch the message?
Think missile.
Do you believe in coincidences?

The decommissioned USS Richard B. Russell was re-outfitted with a long range ballistic missile that was used in an attempt to assassinate Trump in AF1 prior to arriving in Singapore before the summit with Kim Jong-un.

The missile was armed with a nuclear warhead and was aimed to detonate in the ocean below Trump in AF1.

The Q400 aircraft was remote controlled to crash directly into the exact location of the underground hideout.

The plane flew in a circular pattern around Ketron Island that resembled a “Q” before crashing.

The F-15 escorting the Q400 aircraft then used a specialized weapons package to destroy the underground hideout.

The crash site was a cover for any smoke or explosions caused by the destruction of the underground hideout. The plane crash also served as a reason for the F-15 to be there.

The underground hideout and the submarine were successfully destroyed.

The covert operation was successful.

None of this could be publicly exposed as the public would be flabbergasted about the whole ordeal.

The released air traffic audio of the incident was pre-recorded. All an elaborate cover for the covert operation.

Side Note: The underground hideout on Ketron Island was also being used to facilitate satanic pedophilia activities. No children were present at the underground hideout at the time of the covert operation. If any children were present, they would’ve been extracted by special forces prior to the operation.

Meanwhile on the financial front, sources claim a back wall date was given for the RV release.

Zimbabwe’s bond notes should now be legal tender as banks open globally today, Tuesday, August 14.

The release of the RV will be known once the invitations and instructions to exchange/redeem are published.

The RV will be an event that will flip the world right side up and contribute massively to humanity’s ascension.

We will all be given a chance to remind humanity of compassion just as Jesus/Sananda/Yeshua did. This time, it will be global and there will be many of us.

Every soul on this planet will rise to Christ Consciousness.

The arrival of a new era of humanity is on the horizon.

Source: Operation Disclosure

Lies, Corruption and the Dirty Business of Vaccines — Humans Are Free – Aug 14, 2018

This is my introduction to my new stunner book, You’re Next. This article arrives right after Robert DeNiro and RFK Jr held a press conference at the Press Club (Washington, DC). In it they offered $100,000 to anyone, including journalists, who can provide PROOF that thimerosal (ethylmercury preservative used in vaccines) is safe at the doses….Read more

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Den svenska statskuppen som få känner till — – 14 Aug, 2018

SWEXIT DEBATT. Det största brott som någonsin begåtts mot det svenska folket genom tiderna. Så kallar dagens debattör Ulrik Petersson de grundlagsförändringar som riksdagen antog 1994 och 2002. Det skriver Svegot som publicerat Ulrik Peterssons debattartikel. NewsVoice fick Peterssons tillstånd att återpublicera artikeln. I samband med folkomröstningen om svenskt EU-medlemskap hösten 1994 ändrades den svenska grundlagen,….Läs mera

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Saint Germain: Healing Takes Time — Era of Light – Aug 14, 2018

DOES IT GET WORSE BEFORE IT CAN GET BETTER? Sometimes things get worse before they can get better. This also applies to transformational processes. Don’t expect healing to happen immediately – instantaneously. Expect however that healing usually happens gradually. Healing processes are tied to human consciousness. This means that the realization of an issue is….Read more

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D-vitaminbrist kan kopplas till fetma, beteendestörning och sociala problem — TV Helse i Sverige – 14 Aug, 2018

Fetma är ett utbrett problem i USA likväl som i många andra länder. Även om det finns en mängd faktorer som ligger till grund för problemet är osunda ät- och kostvanor och brist på fysisk aktivitet primära orsaker till fetma. I Norge lider 25% av män och 20% av kvinnor i medelåldern av fetma. Över….Läs mera

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