The Differences between Judaism and Zionism – October 29, 2018


Source: NKUSA

We would like to take a few minutes of your time to prevent you from making a terrible mistake that may have disastrous results for many.

You have always without a doubt heard and read much about the political crises in the Middle East in which the State of Israel plays a central role. This is, in fact, an ongoing series of crises with potential to bring the greatest misfortune on the entire world. Tragically many believe that Zionism and Judaism are identical. Thus they conclude that the entire Jewish people is responsible for the actions of the Zionist government and the world crises which emanates from it. This is a Grave Error!

The truth is that the Jewish faith and Zionism are two very different philosophies. They are as opposite as day and night. The Jewish people have existed for thousands of years. In their two thousand years of Divinely decreed exile no Jew ever sought to end this exile and establish independent political sovereignty anywhere. The people’s sole purpose was the study and fulfillment of the Divine commandments of the Torah.

The Zionist movement created the Israeli state. The latter is a persuasion less than one hundred years old. Its essential goal was and is to change the nature of the Jewish people from that of a religious entity to a political movement. From Zionism’s inception the spiritual leaders of the Jewish people stood in staunch opposition to it.

To this day Torah Jewry remains forever loyal to its faith. Zionists want the world to believe that they are the representatives of the entire Jewish people. This is false! The Jewish people never chose them as their leaders.

The Zionists have deceived many well meaning Jewish people via terror, trickery and false propaganda. They have at their disposal the use of a nearly universally subservient media. Whoever attempts to criticize them puts his livelihood and, at times, his very life in danger.

However, despite the media blackout and easy resort to terror the simple truth remains unrefuted and irrefutable: ACCORDING TO THE JEWISH FAITH AND TORAH LAW THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE FORBIDDEN TO HAVE THEIR OWN STATE WHILE AWAITING THE MESSIANIC ERA!

The Creator gave us the Holy Land thousands of years ago. Yet, when we sinned, He took it away and sent us into exile. Since that time our task is to wait for Him to send the Messiah. At that time, the Creator alone, without any human being lifting a hand or saying a word, will bring us together and take us out of exile. He will likewise establish universal peace among all mankind and all will serve Him in good will.

Some religious Jews, confused by Zionist propaganda quote Biblical verses that state that G-d gave the children of Israel the Holy Land. They overlook, unfortunately, those verses which say that He took it away due to our sins. They further ignore those prophecies which explicitly describe the last exile’s conclusion as a Divine, not a human process.

The Creator has commanded every Jew to follow the ways of peace and to be loyal to the country where he lives.

Torah true Jewry waits patiently for the Messianic redemption. They have nothing to do with any kind of pseudo “Jewish State” and its aggressions against other peoples. They have a deep sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians who have suffered the most from Zionism’s false teachings and barbaric actions. The Zionist state is not a Jewish state. The Zionists alone are the only ones responsible for their actions. Authentic Jewry has and will continue to oppose the very existence of this blasphemous state.

May all mankind witness the true redemption.

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The Creator Writings: You Are Loved Regardless – October 29, 2018

Yet another gentle reminder; any emotion that you choose to hold may magnify.  Right now, your world is attempting to spoon-feed fear to anyone that will listen.  Yes, even you.  You do, however, have options;

  1.  You can be enveloped in and ‘take the bait’ hook, line and sinker, feeding into the mass consciousness with that fear and allow it to multiply.
  2. You can release it and send it out to The Universe to be transformed to light and love, which in turn will reflect back to you, back out and so on.
  3. You can do nothing, hold no opinion, offer and receive nothing.

Each decision carries with it the weight to change your existence to whatever you choose.  Regardless of what you decide, The Universe has given you free reign…the opportunity to do as you will and be supported by Unconditional Love.  That is precisely the reason it is unconditional. (Smiling) ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

The Creator Writings

An Energy Surge ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – October 29, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are exploring the possibility for humanity to experience a wonderful energy surge from the Earth’s core. The Earth is a being, just as much as she is a planet, and just as we look for opportunities to give you what it is that we feel you need, so does your Earth. She is also always looking for ways to help, and right now there’s a great deal of consideration going on within Earth’s consciousness.

We can of course communicate with her, and we have been. We have been making our suggestions, and she has been taking them into consideration. And so, at this time, there is a lot of discussion about an energy surge. Now, this energy surge would be something that not everyone would feel, but it would impact every single person on the planet and every single being living in the oceans and underneath the surface of the planet. It would of course affect the plants and animals as well.

Now, as you connect with Mother Earth, realize that there are smaller surges of energy coming from her core all the time, and that is one of the best reasons that you have for grounding. You also benefit greatly from earthing, which is the act of lying on your planet.

We know that she will make the right choice for all of you. We know that there is no other being who is more equipped to make that choice. She loves you unconditionally and without hesitation, and every time one of you thinks of her and takes her well-being into consideration, she is aware of that.

She is very pleased by how many more humans are awakening to the significance of caring for her and looking out for her well-being. She is on this ascension journey with you, and in many ways she is taking you with her. So please take as much time as you can throughout the course of each day to connect with her and to show your gratitude and appreciation.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Armada of Benevolent Extraterrestrial Ships Spotted Leaving our Sun – October 28, 2018


Date: Sunday, 28-Oct-2018 22:09:40

SourceRumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed

In Response To‘The Event is Underway’ – Breaking News via Philip Tilton 10-28-18 (Mr.Ed)


We have seen plenty of evidence of UFOs entering and leaving the sun portal for decades. One of these videos is about 4 years old to show you. The rest are current and explain why last month they closed all 6 solar observatories on earth…and it may be connected to the loss of NASA satellites at about the same time.

They do not want you to see the videos below. Some were removed and others have reposted them. 🙂

Clearly the earth grid/veil has been removed. This means it is safe now for the good guys to come in and help us. The Chimera Group Dark ETs are responsible for the placement of the barrier and it was ‘a earth booby trap’ (Toplet & Stranglet bombs) set to blow up the earth if the good guys tried to come here. Only the dark ones have been coming here and they are the ones our military & government made dirty deals with and sold out humanity long ago. 

They agreed to trade off world technology (to gain a military advantage over other nations) in exchange for allowing them to abduct humans for genetic experiments.

This is where the Secret Space Program (SSP) began. 

Now we have POTUS creating a new branch of the military to provide a place for it because it can no longer be kept a secret…nothing can. Disclosure is here and it means we need to know about all of it. And the future has a place for us in space so the SSP will be a secret no more. It will be no different than it is right now at your local airport…only now you will go a lot farther & faster. We don’t need rockets to go to space. Which explains why they could do away with the space shuttle program. 

So you may ask? How will we get to the (ISS) International Space Station if we have no rockets or space shuttle? 

Well…we will catch a ride with the Russians. You know…the guys we hate so much and fear of nuclear war all our life. (lies) 

None of it makes sense.

Well it got out of control and the dark ETs were only allowed to take a certain number of humans in exchange…but they were taking as many as they could get for years.

They got into a big shoot out at an underground base out west (DUMB) deep military underground base 

I think it was Dulce. Many military were killed but they could not say anything about it. (see Phil Schneider YouTube for more on that story)

This is why they can never come out and admit the truth about disclosure. Our government treats us like cattle…a tradeable commodity.

More will come out on this topic soon and I will report it as we go. For now check out there short videos so you see what they are trying to hide from us.

Mr.Ed 🙂





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Jan Norberg kommenterar “den globala klimathysterin”(Videos) — – 29 Oktober, 2018

KLIMATDEBATT. Efter Erik Wiklunds mycket träffsäkra beskrivning av var besluten om många frågor egentligen tas började jag intressera mig för om det går att se på vilka områden NWO och alla dess lobbyorganisationer använder sin kraft för att kunna fatta de för världen så viktiga besluten som gör det möjligt för dem att få…..Läs mera & videos: “The Great Global Warming Swindle – Full Documentary HD” och/and “How the Global Warming Scare Began”

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(Video) Destroying the Illusion — [10.28] Q B-Day & VIPAnon Photo (Trump = Q+?) | GAB Censored | Huber in the News | Vaccines & Lithium – October 28, 2018

Published on Oct 28, 2018

Today’s Links:

VIPAnon 8chan post –

John Huber’s FBI-Justice Department probe shrouded in mystery

Prominent tax dodger Winston Shrout sent to prison for 10 years

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(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1701: The Central Banks Plan Disrupted | We are at the Precipice – October 28, 2018

Published on Oct 28, 2018

The stock market has been declining for the last 5 weeks, this is the beginning of the entire global economic system breaking down. Around the world the real estate market it breaking apart, the globalist system is collapsing, this was done on purpose. The central banks who planned on having a cashless society have done an about face, their plans are backfiring and they are in a deep panic.

Published on Oct 28, 2018

George Papadopoulos is looking to reverse his plea deal with Mueller. Globalist Soros is funding the caravan through other organizations. Another event hit, this is number 5 within 3 weeks, the timing is amazing. But the deep state narrative is clear, blame Trump for whatever happens and push other agendas at the same time. Putin, Merkel, Marcon and Erdogan all met to bring peace to Syria. Q has warned that all of this was going to happen before the elections, the main goal of the deep state is to stop the hammer from falling.

X22 Report

Operation Disclosure

Reader: Huge Pro President Trump March in D.C. Called #WalkAway – October 28, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Tina

One young Man was fed up so he created a movement that went viral called Walkaway. that turned into a huge march yesterday and today. Thousands of Americans many middle age and older who were tired showed up all Republicans, pro Trump, everyone was loving. With one thing in common there sick of the division, false flags, lies and negativity. Thousand of people showed up with flags, speakers, musicians, sharing feelings and thoughts this is what America use to be like. Something beautiful happened this weekend and its wonderful to stop and take in just relax everything is going to work out our future is going to Glorious~~~~

looks like were are uniting love is here.


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Saint Germain: Everything Is In Flux — Era of Light – October 28, 2018

I Am Saint Germain! As always it is wonderful to be with you, to be here in these times of change. These times of wonderment. For all is not as it appears to be. There are many things still happening behind the scenes. Many things that are still kept from your physical eyes, from seeing…….Read more

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Caravan of 7000+ Drives Toward U. S. Border: It Could Be The Final Deep State Showdown — Collective Evolution – October 28, 2018


  • The Facts:The hazards inherent in the caravan of 7000+ migrants that started in Ecuador is being downplayed by mainstream media, who are only talking about it in the context of Donald Trump trying to rally his base with tough immigration talk.
  • Reflect On:Can we see in this caravan crisis another agenda of the Deep State at play, and notice signs that they may be firing the last of their salvos before they are defeated and the truth is revealed?

You will forgive me if I continue to speak about indications that a Deep State takedown is imminent. It’s just that there are so many signs that the moment is almost upon us, I cannot even keep up with and report on all pertinent events that are happening now, including a shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh I just…Read more & video

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