Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 1, 2018

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – November 1, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

The growing anti-EU movement in Europe is now reaching France.


Incriminating evidence is being gathered against Cabal-affiliated public officials.

This is a step that is being taken in order to justify their arrests to the sleeping public on 11/11/18 if they choose not to surrender.

All Cabal members will be sentenced to GITMO.

Soft disclosure of the upcoming stock market crash is now being made public.


The fiat financial system is being dismantled and exposed of how obsolete it is.

The crash is inevitable as it is being done deliberately in order to replace the fiat financial system with the new quantum financial system (QFS).

There is currently an on-going stock market war as the Cabal desperately attempt to hang on.

Meanwhile, currency holders continue to wait for the private redemption event (RV) to begin.

Source: Operation Disclosure

Health Ranger describes the universal solution to hate speech, tribalism, censorship, racism and violence — NaturalNews.com – November 1, 2018

(Natural News) There is a universal solution for ending “hate speech,” tribalism, racism and violent rhetoric while protecting free speech, but the solution requires a fundamental shift in the way we think about conscious beings. With all the censorship that’s now targeting alternative voices and platforms, many dishonest people on the political Left are claiming…..Read more & video: “The universal solution to Hate Speech, Tribalism, Censorship, Racism and Violence”

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Want to Detox Your Body Naturally? Support Your Organs of Detoxification – The Truth About Cancer – November 1, 2018

By Ty Bollinger

Detox Your Body

We can all use a little “reboot” every once in awhile – and so can our organs. While there are many ways to detox your body naturally, these tips will help you get started if you’re not sure where to begin. They are easy, fast, and powerful ways to give a little love to your organs of detoxification. These are the important organs and systems that are responsible for moving toxins out of your body on a daily basis. Give one or more of these tips a try and notice the difference in your energy, mental clarity, stamina, and overall health!

But first, if you are planning any type of cleanse or detox, there are some steps you can take to make any efforts to detox your body safer and more effective…

Before You Start: 5 Steps for a Successful Detox or Cleanse

Read more at:  The Truth About Cancer

New Study Says Air Pollution Kills 600,000 Children Each Year — The Truth About Cancer – November 1, 2018

By Ty Bollinger

Breaking News Graphic

A recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) says that air pollution is responsible for killing an estimated 600,000 children each year. According to the report, 93% of children live in environments with air pollution that exceeds WHO guidelines. This amounts to nearly 1.8 billion children whose health and development are at risk each…..Read more

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Katerina Janouch kommenterar den MSB-finansierade rapporten “Smearing Sweden” — NewsVoice.se – 1:a November, 2018

I måndags publicerade myndigheten MSB som finansierade rapporten “Smearing Sweden…” framtagen av “Institute for Strategic Dialogue” (ISD) och “London School of Economics” (LSE). Studien granskar utländska påstådda påverkansförsök riktat mot Sverige och särskilt det svenska valet 2018. De flesta svenska alternativmedier omnämns som om de samarbetar med Ryssland däribland NewsVoice och Katerina Magasin. NewsVoice publicerar…..Läs mera

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The Creator Writings: Putting Growth To Work – November 1, 2018

During this next phase, it may feel as if you are walking on a slippery surface.  You know there are things you need to do to keep your footing but, shifting realities can be a distraction.  This is where your knowledge of the The Universe thus far will come into play.  Rather than attempting to control every single situation, ask for and give Unconditional Love a chance to help you maintain your balance and peace.  You have been learning and practicing for years…now it is time to put that growth to work!  The world needs your bright light to continue moving forward.  Allow it to shine and know you are contributing to the greater good! ~ Creator

SourceThe Creator Writings

The Pleiadian Collective via Galaxygirl, October 30th, 2018

Pleiadian Collective 10/30/2018

Greetings friends, we are the Pleiadian Collective. We do not have much of a change in the news for you tonight friends, but wish to bestow through these words a healing, for we sense that you are all in great need of it at this time of energetic change. Much stress has been placed and is in the process of being transmuted within your physical forms and although it will be alright it perhaps now is a bit uncomfortable. And so we invite you to please sit down in a quiet space and do some deep slow breaths, grounding to both your planetary mother and spiritual mother. Become the bridge between them. Will that your chakras align with ease and grace and imagine a rainbow blend of dancing sparkling colors that ripple like plasma coursing through you extending from Mother God through your crown chakra through your body into Gaia’s planetary core, and in so doing you are balancing your chakras and hers. And of course when you do this friends, you are assisting to energetically balance all of humanity’s chakras as well. For you are a hive mentality in a way, you are truly all connected. One kind thought has a massive ripple effect, as does one loving intention. And so, when you send forward your own healing for the betterment of the others you bless all of the others. It is true. Now imagine if you all did this at the same time every day. Can you imagine how powerful your mass meditation would be – is – for you have heard this before, but it is true and warrants repeating; you are powerful creators and we are astonished and delighted with your progress.

Many of you are weary and feel it is to the point of no return. Come on up to our ships at night if that is your need and desire. Set your intention and we will welcome you if your intentions are pure. For we love to extend our healing modalities and are eager to work more closely with you. For all is well with the grand plan of the Mother to whom we yield. The Goddess has spoken and she is here amongst you now in many forms, in may ways. But suffice it to say she is here on your planet and her presence will continue to rise and to grow as you rise and grow in your own power. The days of the dark are done. It is now only a matter of time, and of course we listen for our commands and leadings from Mother and Father God whom we most joyously serve. We are all one huge family of light and of love, and we extend this to you as well, humanity. You have always been within this gigantic field of love but chose to experience forgetting. And the game got very dark, very fast, as the intruders came and mucked it up, and took advantage of your free well, such that it was heinously infringed upon, to the point of disgust. And so that is why you brave ones who are awake and aware, are reading these words, because you know that you are one of us. You are a star seed here for the higher purpose of healing this precious planet and restoring her to her former glory. And in so doing, your current physical body will be preserved and restored as well, for you are of the same stuff as Gaia and this is your healing. When you heal her, you in turn heal yourselves, and the others around you.

Massive healing is going right now friends, and that is why our message is a bit different tonight. Many of you are barely crawling upstairs as you are transmuting for the others who are snarky and asleep. (Sigh). It will not always be this way. But remember you are the brave ones – you chose to serve in this capacity. And you are doing a most magnificent job. We are the Pleiadian Collective offering our love and greeting this night to you friends, as well as our healing vibrational technology. So before you sleep, set your intention and we will see you in the ships. We are your family after all. Welcome home. We are the Pleiadian Collective.

~ galaxygirl

Note: Hi friends! I suggest you intend to bring gifts with you, just as you would bring a hostess gift. I passed out boxes of See’s candy and roses last night and they were so pleased! Much love 


The Individual & the Collective ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – November 1, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have a better sense of who you are as individuals than we do of you all as a human collective. Your individuality is beautiful. You are all unique, and you are all special, but you have also been led to believe that your differences somehow are responsible for the lack of unity that you sometimes experience as individuals. And nothing could be further from the truth because you all have the ability to celebrate each other no matter what.

You don’t have to see your differences as weird, and you don’t have to see someone else’s different belief as a threat to yours. These are choices that you’ve been making, and you’ve been making those choices as individuals.

And the idea that you are somehow separate from each other is one that has served you up until a certain point, and now human has reached that point where it no longer serves you to see yourselves as separate and to see your differences as significant enough to keep you from knowing yourselves as a collective.

Now, the reason why we bring this up now is because of how much polarity we sense within humanity. You all have been taught that you have to choose sides, and you don’t. Instead, you have to embrace all of the sides, all of the sides that are out there and all of the sides that are within you. To become a unified consciousness, to become a fifth dimensional being, you first have to accept everyone as they are in the human collective right now.

You don’t get to decide who is right and who is wrong, and it is not just the righteous ones that get to ascend. It’s everyone who makes that choice, and before you ascend, you are going to start thinking of yourselves more as a collective, and you are going to start operating more as a collective as well. You will achieve peace on Earth in this lifetime, and then we will be able to sense you more as a collective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: DanielScranton.com

Putin’s Comments About Satanism & Pedophilia Within Politics Are Turning Out To Be True — Collective Evolution – November 1, 2018


  • The Facts:A few years ago, Vladimir Putin mentioned Satanism and Pedophilia within politics, and he hasn’t been the first to do so. He expressed how there are attempts to normalize these practices within society and make it global.
  • Reflect On:Who are we electing? Who are the people that’ve amassed so much power that they practically control all resources on planet Earth? We do we continue to elect corrupt politicians who don’t have the will of humanity at heart? What’s going on inside?

What is politics? It’s a realm where humanity gives its power over to others who claim to be making decisions that best suit their country, and humanity as a whole. At least, that’s what it should be. The political realm should be filled with people who are service-to-others, but unfortunately, it has become quite obvious that…..Read more

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Benjamin Fulford Report: “Message to the Banking Elite” — October 29, 2018

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Message to the banking elite: Trick or treat

By Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

It is going to be an especially haunting Halloween for the Khazarian mafia banking elite, because they have been given an October 31 deadline to return the gold they stole or face being systematically hunted down and exterminated, say Asian secret society, CIA, and White Dragon Society sources. After that deadline, bounties of gold will be placed on senior bankers starting with the heads of the EU Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, the Federal Reserve Board, and the BIS, the sources say.

The White Dragon Society (WDS) has offered the Khazarian mafia a way out of this situation. All they have to do is monetize, in a constructive and reality-based manner, $40 trillion worth of 1934 Henry Morgenthau Bonds to finance the establishment of a meritocratic future planning agency. This would be enough to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and finance human expansion into the universe. The alternative is death for all the Khazarian gangsters involved in central bank fraud and Babylonian debt slavery.

In the U.S., meanwhile, Pentagon sources say U.S. President Donald “Trump had a briefing and dinner with top military brass at the White House on October 23 in a blunt message to Israel, the Democrats, the deep state, and its invading army from Mexico not to steal the midterm elections.” The photo below shows clearly where the U.S. military stands.

Read more at: Operation Disclosure