Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, via Galaxygirl, November 5th, 2018

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus 11/5/2018

Yes dear, it is I, Anna, grandmother of Jesus. At least that is who you now call him to be. To me he was and will forever be Yeshua ben Joseph. Ah, those were the days of my memory where I walked among you. For I had indeed many adventures that thrilled me and stretched me. Incarnation in general is a difficult task friends, and you have chosen a most arduous time to enter the Earth field. But you did so with a higher purpose, a higher calling, to lend your light to the human collective and in full force together as one rise above the tyrants who would suppress you and have, it would seem, for too long. I say “it would seem” friends, because not all is as it seems. For when you are within the human form part of the agreement is to forget who you truly are, but now is the time of remembering, or re-remembering, as the Arcturians like to say. It is true.

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