The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: Right Way? – November 17, 2018

Many people will have opinions on what path you should be walking.  There may be times when you do not trust yourself and feel the need ask others their thoughts while disregarding your own.  You may receive very strong direction from The Universe and choose to second guess yourself.  This is a part of being human! (Smiling)  It takes practice to be able to hear and understand those messages.  Embrace the fact that each of you has your own way of deciphering.  One way is not better than the other and no one carries ‘exclusive’ information.  The best thing to do is listen to your heart, it will always show you what is perfect for you! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1718: The Plan is Working | Future Proves Past – November 17, 2018

Published on Nov 16, 2018

The people of the UK are angry, May sold them out, the EU and the establishment did what they always intended to do, keep the UK exactly where it is with a deal that is so bad it doesn’t even resemble a UK exit from the EU. US household debt hit another all time high. Industrial production slows. The MSM and the deep state fall fro the Trap. They are trying to use excuses of why the Fed should stop raising rates.

Published on Nov 16, 2018

Judge grants CNN a temporary pass into the White House. GOP gains were not counted because they arrived past the deadline, two minutes late at 3:02. Rubio has proof of election fraud. Trump warns of caravan, bad people are intermixed in the group. Sen. Lindsey Graham is now the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee. The indictment against Assange accidentally was leaked to the public. House block an amendment to end the war in Yemen. Q dropped bread a while ago about 3:02 and 53-47, this was in the past, today we get confirmation of these numbers.

X22 Report

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