A Holiday Called Thanksgiving – The Council – November 20, 2018

A Holiday Called Thanksgiving – The Council

In two days, in the country in which this channel resides, a holiday called Thanksgiving will be observed. On this day each year, it is customary for you to gather for a feast, share with family and friends, and even perhaps spend a few moments pondering your blessings and giving thanks for them – my car, my house, my health, my family, etc. Before you do this, may we give you a few other things you might think about.

Usually, each of you direct your thanks to whatever or whomever you perceive to be the divine source in your life. And that is, of course, a very good thing to do. But we would suggest something further.

It is very likely that you have been the beneficiary of many of the following fellow beings during the past year, if not all of them. The most obvious are health workers, firefighters, etc. But it is also quite likely that someone has prepared food for you, so you did not have to. Someone else has served you that food. Someone has cleaned up after those meals, so you did not have to. Someone has removed the trash you created, so you did not have to. Someone has swept the streets, plowed the snow, filled the potholes, so you did not have to. Someone has driven a vehicle for you, a taxi, a bus, an airplane, a ship to fill your need. Someone has cleaned your hotel room, so you did not have to. The list could be exceedingly long.

It is very possible that many of those people performed their service when they were ill, when they had a migraine headache, or when they were in the midst of a stressful situation.

So this Thanksgiving holiday perhaps give a moment’s thought to all of those people. Send them thanks. Send them love and appreciation. Never doubt for a moment that you will uplift each of them in some way when you do this.

Let us here inject another thought. If everyone did this, you would be the recipient of much of this gratitude and love yourself. As you go through our daily activities, do you not do many things for others? Do you not often do them when you are not feeling your best? Each of you is dependent upon all of the rest of you. That is what makes your society possible.

So when you give thanks for what you have, do not forget those that produced it nor those that brought it to you. And realize also that you have done your own part. For that, we are grateful to you. We see what you have done, even when you have discounted or forgotten it.

So have a very wonderful day of thanks, and enjoy your family and friends. And if you should think of us for a moment, know we are with you.

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Mira and Ashtar: Transmutative Energies — Era of Light – November 22, 2018

This is Mira of the Pleiadian Council. We are working non-stop, full throttle on mission Ascension Gaia at this Now, and we see you, our ground team, doing the very same. It warms our hearts. For we are united and strong in our purpose of oneness and connection, and together we are unstoppable. You have…Read more

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Your Powerful Sun ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – November 22, 2018

Your Powerful Sun ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased with how you are receiving the downloads and upgrades that have been delivered to you and that have come from your sun. We have been noticing a change in humanity’s relationship to your sun, and this relationship is serving you very well. As you know, the sun is very powerful, and you are right to respect the power of the sun. But you do not need to fear it.

When you first wake up in the morning, it is a good practice for you to go outside and let the sun hit you. You will feel more grounded. It will help to wake you up, and you are certain to receive the latest downloads and upgrades being offered. You also can expect to receive more energy and vitality when you connect with the sun at least once a day.

Now, we are not telling you to look directly at the sun. Those of you who are utilizing the practice of sun gazing feel comfortable doing it, but that does not mean it is for everyone. We are telling you to let the sun hit your sun in moderation and to feel the warm glow that you get from doing so. The sun is one of the major physical beings that you have supporting you, and the entire solar system is connected by it.

You know that the other planets in your solar system affect you, and you understand the power of connection to these celestial bodies. It is time to recognize the power of the sun as well and to realize that the sun is a being that you cannot live without. Therefore, show the sun your respect, give thanks for the sun, and start to tune in more to the sun’s energetic offerings. You will be very happy that you did.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: DanielScranton.com

The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: What Do You Want To See? – November 22, 2018

Now that your manifestation abilities have grown, it is time to start creating something really amazing!  Your new year is quickly approaching and it is best to begin thinking on what you would like to see in your world.  You have reached a point in your development where you know you are worth and deserving…use the opportunity!  Give thanks in advance for all that is coming! ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

American Media Intelligence Interviews California Fire Victim Robert Otey – November 21, 2018


Phoenix5 Earth Changes Post November 19, 2018, MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)

BULLETIN ITEM: American Media Intelligence Interviews Robert Otey, a California Fire Victim

DEW weapon (Pulse Beam Weapons), Chemtrails, Cars Directly Firebombed On The Road, harrowing escape from Fire Bombs in rural ranchland in Northern Cal.

File Link: ECB_Post_eyewitness-barely-makes-it-out-alive-in-california-fire-storm.docx

Running Time: 45 min

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“Off grid” – Paret som byggde en egen självförsörjande ö — NewsVoice.se – 22 November, 2018

Livskonstnärerna Catherine King och Wayne Adams byggde en bosättning vid Vancouver Island som flyter fritt och endast är fastbunden med linor till land. De lever där helt oberoende från konventionella leverantörer och kommunens service. De odlar sin mat på den flytande plattformen och fiskar direkt från havet och ibland när vädret är dåligt fiskar Wayne genom ett hål i golvet i vardagsrummet. De började bygga sin bosättning för 26 år sedan och de har inte ångrat sitt beslut att leva “off grid”. Video: “Off the Grid on a Homemade Island”

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X22 Report — Episode 1722: It’s Not about Fixing the Fed Economy | Nothing Can Stop What is Coming – November 21, 2018

Published on Nov 21, 2018

UMich confidence drops as the rate hikes take effect. The people are starting to feel the rate hikes, businesses are starting to feel it, the Fed will be blamed. Credit card delinquencies shoot up. Realtors urge the Fed to slow the rate of interest rate increases. Mortgage financing down to an 18 month low. Trump wants the Fed to lower rates. Q drops a post letting everyone know that this is not about saving the Fed economy its about putting the people back in power.

Published on Nov 21, 2018

Watch CA, people arrested for election fraud. Assange leaked indictment is nothing more than projection to counter what is coming. North Korea destroys lookout towers in the DMZ zone. Q drops more bread, tells us the plan is much larger than just arrests, it’s about restoring the power to we the people. D5 is on its way, nothing will stop it. It all begins on Dec 5.

X22 Report

Operation Disclosure

5 ways aged garlic can slash your risk of heart disease — Natural Health 365 – November 22, 2018

(NaturalHealth365) For over 80 years, heart disease has maintained its primacy as the number one cause of death for men and women in the United States – ahead of cancer, diabetes, accidents, pneumonia and Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, heart disease is currently responsible for one out of every four deaths that occur in the U.S. …….Read more

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Forskare har hittat mikroplast i avföringen hos människor — TV Helse i Sverige – November 22, 2018

Mikroskopiska fragment och fibrer från plast finns överallt utan att vi kan se det. Mikroplasten hamnar i fisk och däggdjur i havet. Vi har sett det på TV – och ryser. Troligen ryser du ännu mer, eftersom det är troligt att mikroplasten även finns i oss, utan att vi vet om det. Text: TV Helse…Läs mera

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Exciting research shows that saffron attacks cancer cells on multiple fronts, at every stage of the disease — NaturalNews.com – November 21, 2018

(Natural News) Saffron might not be a spice you find yourself reaching for very often, but perhaps it should be as research shows it can attack cancer cells at every stage of the disease. Chinese traditional medicine has long been aware of the virtues of saffron, which has played a vital role in healing for……Read more

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