X22 Report — Episode 1722: It’s Not about Fixing the Fed Economy | Nothing Can Stop What is Coming – November 21, 2018

Published on Nov 21, 2018

UMich confidence drops as the rate hikes take effect. The people are starting to feel the rate hikes, businesses are starting to feel it, the Fed will be blamed. Credit card delinquencies shoot up. Realtors urge the Fed to slow the rate of interest rate increases. Mortgage financing down to an 18 month low. Trump wants the Fed to lower rates. Q drops a post letting everyone know that this is not about saving the Fed economy its about putting the people back in power.

Published on Nov 21, 2018

Watch CA, people arrested for election fraud. Assange leaked indictment is nothing more than projection to counter what is coming. North Korea destroys lookout towers in the DMZ zone. Q drops more bread, tells us the plan is much larger than just arrests, it’s about restoring the power to we the people. D5 is on its way, nothing will stop it. It all begins on Dec 5.

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