Prepare — Things are Getting Interesting in America (Videos) – November 24, 2018

Things Are Getting Interesting in America: Prepare [videos]

NOVEMBER 24, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

To say America is a battleground is an understatement based on what we see—but there’s also what we don’t see—and that’s what concerns some of us.

We have the visible political war led by President Trump to uphold and protect the constitution, oust the demoncrats and dimms and restore order to Washington. The election fraud is lurking in the background, as yet unaddressed as to what tack will be taken to address the illegal results.

The usual suspects are interfering again and trying to retain some control over the situation. They can’t afford to have the truth revealed to the public.

MI6 Battling to Stop Donald Trump from Exposing Classified Election Meddling.

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