CIA-Vatican Control of the Global Monetary System through Child Exploitation – November 27, 2018

By Judy Byington – Tuesday, November 27

Global elites including members of the US Congress and Hollywood stars were said to participate in online child pornography, pedophile parties and Satanic rites where they were recorded and filmed raping and killing children. The evidence was then used against them through blackmail to do bidding of the CIA, Vatican, Queen Elizabeth and Cabal.

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Flu symptoms can be eliminated naturally without the need for toxic drugs — – November 27, 2018

(Natural News) Battling flu symptoms is never a good time, but conventional medicines often leave much to be desired. Even the “gold standard” of flu medicines, Tamiflu, is said to shorten the duration of illness by one day — at most — and that’s on top of the fact that some 99 percent of viral……Read more

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Emergency alert: North Koreans warn of Zionist plan to start WWIII in Korea and Crimea — by Benjamin Fulford – November 27, 2018

November 27, 2018: Manchu royal family members called today to warn of a Zionist plot to start World War III by provoking incidents in Korea and Crimea. “The people behind [French President Emmanuel] Macron are doing this,” the sources say. So it appears that the Zionists, fearful of imminent mass arrests for crimes against humanity,…Read more

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Adamu: Can We Trust the Galactics? Yes and No – November 26, 2018

Zingdad, Adamu’s channeler

From 2012, a good reminder from Adamu that not all galactics serve the Light.

I’m unaware of any negative extraterrestrials around or in the planet at this time. Nonetheless, his discussion of the value of trust remains a sage one.

Adamu has graced us with his discussion of “Can we trust the galactics.”

Adamu is a higher-dimensional being who speaks through Zingdad in South Africa and has had a very formative influence on my own thinking, although he addresses us far less than I would wish.

His descriptions are often as colorful and yet as revealing as any galactic spokesperson I can think of.

Here he asks us how trustworthy are we humans? He warns us as well that some galactics are of lower consciousness and do communicate with us through channels. These also cannot be trusted. And others are indifferent or here merely out of curiosity.

Some are well-meaning but of lower consciousness as well. He reminds us of the damage that our “well-meaning” missionaries did.

He goes further to discuss how the best way to know whether a galactic is trustworthy is to consult the heart or inner voice. And he discusses what resonance really means. A very substantial meal, Adamu. Thank you for this.

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Your Creations ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – November 27, 2018

Your Creations ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are fascinated by your projects. We talk to you often about relaxing, receiving, and feeling, but we rarely discuss with you how enthralled we are with the actions that you take and with the creativity that you possess and put on display for everyone else in the collective and beyond. We love to see you in the midst of one of these creative endeavors. We love to feel the energy that you infuse into your creations, and we love to witness the beauty, and the ingenuity, and the sharing.

We are huge fans of humanity. The ability that you possess to take the raw materials that are available to you there on Earth and to put them together in a way that has never been before is something that deserves recognition. You all deserve to feel very proud of everything that you do. Every song, every poem, every novel, every film script, every painting, every sculpture, and every house that you build deserves to be celebrated. You deserve to be celebrated for all that you do.

Now, we also want you to acknowledge that you do receive the inspiration from a higher place. And we are not attempting to take any credit for your creations, because you still have to be the ones who get those raw materials together and take the actions necessary to create such beauty. However, we also want you to acknowledge that there is co-creation in everything, and we want you to know that there is so much more for you to download.

There are so many more collaborations ahead of you. This is a very good thing. It is good for you to know that you have been channeling your ideas, your inspirations, and your projects. And when more beings are let in to assist and inspire, think of what can be achieved in this wonderfully diverse galaxy of ours. It is literally unimaginable.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: Time To Get Moving – November 27, 2018

Dear one, it is time to change your narrative.  During this next shift, you are being challenged with seeing yourself and others in a light much different than any other time in your life.  Words of effacement, derogatory phrases internally and to others as well as messages of pain and suppression are no longer needed on your Earth plane.  Instead of tearing down…now is the time to start building – time to begin building your future, what you want to manifest, how you choose to see your fellow human beings.

These things cannot be done with negative words and thoughts.  Please remember, this is not a call to eliminate any negative emotions and/or feelings (those come and go) but, to change the way you interact with each other.  Peace and love is attainable when you make the conscious effort to move along that path. ~ Creator

SourceThe Creator Writings

U.S. Air Force Pilot Exposes Top Secret Chemtrail Program — It’s Called ‘Operation Indigo Skyfold’ — Humans Are Free – November 27, 2018

Chemical Geoengineering Operations Are Carried Out Worldwide — 24/7 — with False ‘National Security’ JustificationThe following video exposé is quite extraordinary by any standard.A secret chemtrail pilot speaks out for the first time in modern history.He reveals information that’s so classified and data so radioactive, he surely risked his life by releasing it.Read Entire Article…Read more, video & images

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(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1725: The Transition Process | The Month of Panic – November 26, 2018

Published on Nov 26, 2018

Black Friday did not go well for the brick and mortar stores, traffic way down. GM is closing plants and laying off many people. The IMF signals the rest of the central banks to push their own cryptocurrencies. This is their electronic currency that they want to control this is why you have seen Bitcoin and other cryptos decline rapidly, this was done on purpose. The EU is proposing new regs for the WTO, they are fighting an uphill battle, the central bankers are trying to keep their system intact but it is slipping through their fingers.

Published on Nov 26, 2018

Gowdy agrees with Trump on the Judges they are political. Gowdy says Comey can avoid leaks by being video taped and he won’t be limited to 5 minutes questions and answers. The illegal migrants have their marching orders, cause as much chaos on the border as possible. Ukraine is the next hot event area, Poroshenko has received his orders to push a war with Russia. Q drops more bread crumbs, the month of Dec will be the month of panic for the Deep State. The Declas is moving forward, stay vigilant in the month of Dec.

Operation Disclosure

(Video) David Icke — Another Day Another House of Horror – November 26, 2018

Published on Nov 26, 2018

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