The Ecstasy Within ∞The 9th Dimensional ArcturianCouncil via Daniel Scranton -December 9, 2018

The Ecstasy Within ∞The 9th Dimensional ArcturianCouncil

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are thrilled to see how many of you are looking within yourselves more now that you have gotten frustrated enough with what is available to you in the external world. Sometimes you need to get mad, or you need to feel defeated, in order to get to where you ultimately want to go. If the world were exactly as you wanted it to be, you would have very little reason to ever go within yourselves and discover how much is available to you.

It’s all there, and it’s all free. There is no travel required, no passports, no going through the long security line at the airport. You have the ability to tap into this beautiful inner world of yours any time you like, but most people never would without the catalyst that the disappointments in their lives often are.

So in order to get to where you ultimately want to go, trudging through the mud and the muck is often necessary. It may not be preferable. You may not find it to be fun, but ultimately, it gives you what you need to get you where you are going.

That’s why it’s so important to embrace everything that comes your way as a means of taking you to where you ultimately want to go. You have traveled so far already, and there is much more ease in front of you than there is struggle. But for the time that you have remaining in the fourth dimension, let yourselves be disappointed. Let yourselves get mad and frustrated.

And hopefully, ultimately, you will find that solace that always exists inside of you. You will find the love, the joy, the peace, and even the excitement in your inner realm. Certainly, there is ecstasy available to you at all times, and it is always just a few focused breaths away.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Name One Government Agency That Doesn’t Do The Exact Opposite Of Its Purpose — December 9, 2018

By Joe Jarvis A DEA agent is accused of facilitating drug trafficking in the regions he oversaw in Florida and Arkansas. He allegedly traded inside information to drug runners in exchange for cash. Drugs are illegal. But you can still run drugs with the right person being paid off. And you can do it for…..Read more

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Upproren i Frankrike fortsätter fjärde veckan — – 9 December, 2018

Sammanstötningar mellan demonstranter och polisstyrkor fortsätter över hela Franrike. Det förekommer vandalisering, men fokus bör vara på vad folket vill. Det handlar om utbredd missnöjdhet mot ledarskapet. Under söndagen verkar stämningen vara hetare än tidigare veckor, rapporterar flera medier. Över 1300 personer har gripits och dussintals har skadats under de pågående oroligheterna när uppskattningsvis 125,000…..Läs mera & videos: “Yellow Vest: From anti-fuel tax demos to anti-govt rallies in 4 weeks” och ´Yellow Vests’ protesters erect barricades moments before ‘heavy artillery’ arrival”

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Breaking NEWS: Quaker Oats sued over glyphosate contamination — Natural Health 365 – December 9, 2018

(NaturalHealth365) Quaker Oats and their parent company PepsiCo have recently been sued for not disclosing that 17 of their food products are contaminated. What’s the problem? These products contain troubling levels of glyphosate, the world’s most widely used weed killing herbicide ingredient. The company says its products are ‘healthy,’ but would any rational person really…Read more

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(Video) Destroying the Illusion — [12.8] Huge Q+ Proof | Scaramucci Confirms Q? | Pole Shift | Solar Storms | Sound Levitation – December 8, 2018

Published on Dec 8, 2018

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(Video) Dauntless Dialogue — SSP Disclosure: Layers of Secrecy | Deep Space Trade with ETs – December 8, 2018

Published on Oct 19, 2018

You may have heard of breakaway civilizations, the Secret Space Programs, or the “20 and Back.” Randy Cramer joins us in Breakaway, a series where we speak with whistleblowers who claim to have worked in various aspects of the SSP.

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Varför gullar Dagens Nyheter med globalisttorpeden Soros? — – 9 December, 2018

George Soros, 2006 – Foto: Jeff Ooi, Wikimedia Commons

I fredagens ledare med rubriken “George Soros är en förebild som EU bör försvara” gör sig DN skyldig till att grovt vilseleda sina läsare om globalismens främsta torped och vad han står för. Text: Lars Bern, Antropocene Det är riktigt att han i sin ungdom undkom förintelsen men knappast på något sätt som hedrar honom, vilket…….Läs mera

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(Video) David Wilcock Exposes the Scorching Truth about the California Wildfires – December 8, 2018

Premiered Dec 7, 2018

There has been much controversy over the #wildfire that recently struck #Paradise, #California, was it just a natural disaster or was it on purpose and if so who are the ones behind it?

Today on Edge of Wonder we sit down with author and researcher David Wilcock as he gives us this world exclusive interview on what he thinks is the cause and why it happened to this particular US city. And the answers to this question may just be out of this world.

So hold on tight as we present you with this part 1 of 3 series episode with David Wilcock on Edge of Wonder.

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