Mass-Media Manipulation Caught in the Act again – December 30, 2018

Mass-Media Manipulation (Again) — Caught in the act (Again)

Sunday, 30 December 2018 14:10

Source: Hal Turner Radio Show

The mass-media in the United States is becoming so blatant in their fraud and overt manipulation, desperate to characterize nearly ANYTHING as negative when it comes to our President. It’s becoming ever easier to see them as the dishonest outlets they truly seem to have become.

The 1-minute video below shows how so many of them used the precise same phrase to describe the departure of James Mattis as Secretary of Defense. The people shown are intentionally engaging in deliberate manipulation of the public. Frauds, I say!


If the media continue to intentionally speak dishonestly, then the American people should start treating them as the liars they are, lay-in-wait outside their news studios and SLAP THEM IN THEIR FACES for lying.

Operation Disclosure