The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: Time To… – January 15, 2019

There are things you are born into and there are things that you grow to become.  Your ‘original gifts’, the ones you have used all your life are the foundation on which your current growth is based.  If the skills you were born with were muted by society or so you could maintain a sense of safety, it is time to open up and reacquaint yourself with them.

It has been said before and The Universe will state it again; every single human on Earth is being called into service.  Your world is experiencing a shift unlike any other and your help is needed!  You may be saying to yourself, “I don’t know what to do” and that is okay. (Smiling) If you listen to your heart, you will be guided in a way that works for the highest and best.  Regardless of where you feel you are, your participation is being requested and will be most happily accepted.  Remember, this is why you chose to show up now! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

ECETI News: James Gilliland — Visions, Warnings for California – January 15, 2019

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Visions, Warnings for California, Ground Crew Its Time.

From time to time I am giving future visions in dreams and meditations. I usually don’t speak of them because they are a bit dire yet they fuel the work I am doing to change the outcome. Edgar Cayce once said the outcome of some very dire situations is often changed by a few good men/women. The subject that keeps coming up is California. One particular vision showed the fires, floods, mudslides and quakes of the past. The it is documented time location and magnitude of devastating quakes were given ahead of time, new visions are revealing this will continue. In the future visions I am being shown extreme social unrest, a collapsing economy due to mismanagement, great quakes and tsunamis. The end result was LA and San Francisco were void of people, rusted muddy cars riddled with bullet holes sideways in the streets as if something tossed them around. The grid was down. It seemed as if a tsunami was the finishing blow to downward spiraling cities. This is not limited to California, other cities might have the same fate I just noticed landmarks in the vision.

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(Video) You Are Free TV — #IMMORALITY: P_losi Arrests Illegals, Juli_n Castro 4 Globalist 20/20 #LaRaza #Root4thewall – January 15, 2019

Published on Jan 14, 2019

1/14: The NYT exposes Treason in DOJ/FBI Russiagate, while Juli_n Castro declares his 20/20 bid from #Shutdownbreak. Meanwhile, Pel_si’s Napa Valley fortress becomes the protest site for Laura Lo_mer over Sanctu_ry City legislation endorsed by the Speaker. #IMMORALITY

You Are Free TV

Operation Disclosure

Could these 2 popular foods be sabotaging your mental health? — – January 15, 2019

(Natural News) The food you eat can have an effect on your overall health and well-being, and this extends to your mood and mental health. It’s important to know which types of food may improve or sabotage your cognitive function. To support your mental health, avoid, or at least, limit your consumption of gluten and dairy food items……Read more

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Alternative Media Companies Unite in Inspiring Rally Against Corporate, Gov’t Censorship — The Free Thought Project – January 15, 2019

Over the weekend, members and owners of multiple alternative media outlets gathered in Houston, Texas to discuss the heavy hand of corporate and government censorship and how to stop it. The meeting was a success with the common theme of peaceful voices refusing to be silenced.

For those who remember, on October 11, 2018, Facebook and Twitter — without warning or justification — deleted the pages of Free Thought Project and Police the Police which had over 5 million followers. During this purge, they also removed hundreds of other pages who had massive followings like the Antimedia, Cop Block, and Filming Cops…….Read more

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Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 15, 2019

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – January 15, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

All countries are playing their part geopolitically.

Brexit is being used as a way to remove London as the financial capital of the world.

Brexit is also the UK’s GESARA compliance.

The European Union has been checkmated by the BRICS.

NATO is irrelevant and is being dismantled as there is no longer a “Russian threat”.

The Cold War was Cabal fabricated.

All registered nuclear weapons in arsenal are disabled.

The gold-backed Chinese Renminbi has already unofficially replaced the fiat US Dollar.

The World Bank will soon be under Earth Alliance control as Ivanka Trump is selected as president.

You are watching GESARA happen before your very eyes.

Meanwhile, Cabalists are attempting to shutdown GITMO out of fear and desperation.

High expectations are being set for the financial reset to begin at Davos.

The RV may begin at any time between now and Davos.

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In Western media, publishing fake news about Russia is a good career move… with no consequences — – January 15, 2019

(Natural News) Fighting “Russian disinformation” in the West has become a lucrative business. But, in reality, you’re far more likely to encounter deceitful agitprop directed at Russia. (Article by Bryan MacDonald republished from MOSCOW – CP Scott remains a towering figure in the annals of British journalism. Editor of the then “Manchester Guardian” for…..Read more

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