Law Enforcement Seeking the Removal of Nancy Pelosi – January 27, 2019

Police Are Now Seeking The Removal Of Nancy Pelosi

Jan 26, 2019

Source: Law Enforcement Today | By Marjorie Greene

**Editor Note: The legal argument for the removal of Pelosi is about halfway into the article. The petition can be found at the end. Make sure to pass this around if it hits home with you.**

America, we have a problem.

There is someone who needs to be impeached, fired, and removed from office.

There is a very particular leader in our country that is refusing to do the job that she was elected by the American people to do.

Not only is she refusing to do her job, her policies are dangerous for LEO’s and treasonous to America. We can no longer sit idly by and be abused by this woman and her selfish ideas of how she thinks America should be.

Friday President Trump announced that he would be signing a temporary deal that would fund our federal government until February 15, 2019 in order to make sure federal government employees would get paid.

The big surprise was that this temporary deal came without any money funding the border wall, which has been the catalyst in the stand off between Trump and the Nancy Pelosi led Democrats. After President Trump’s announcement came a fury of feelings from both sides of the aisle. What ensued was based off of President Trump declaring that if there is no deal reached by February 15th, he would be declaring a national emergency to fund the wall… and Nancy Pelosi leading a braggadocious celebration that she had defeated Trump. 

Social media exploded with reactions to the surprising move.

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