(Video) Edge of Wonder — Jordan Sather Exposes Secret Space Program and Implodes Science: Disclosure 2019 – January 29, 2019

Premiered Jan 22, 2019

Today on Edge of Wonder we talk with Jordan Sather from Destroying the Illusion about what is the #SecretSpaceProgram, or the SSP, what it’s mission is, how much something like this would cost, and where the funding of something this monumental would come from. #qanon

So buckle up as we take a #disclosure journey through space as we join Ben & Rob on this Part 1 of a 2 part series with Jordan Sather.

Premiered Jan 25, 2019

Today on Edge of Wonder continue our talk with Jordan Sather from Destroying the Illusion where we’ll discuss how unreal today’s mainstream #SCIENCE is and how it has become a cult on its own.

Where anything that is not been proven by science is pushed out and not accepted in society causing a paradoxical conundrum.

We also bring up topics such as why has the real research of brilliant scientists like Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell been minimized and suppressed? What bombshell disclosures did they have, that they said humans aren’t ready for yet?

And Is this modern age leading us away from the Divine?

What is the ‘electric universe’ and how can we tap into it?

And, Is this where lightsabers come from?

All this and more on Part 2 with Jordan Sather on Edge of Wonder.

Edge of Wonder

Operation Disclosure


(Video) Ben Chasteen of Edge of Wonder on David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Golden Globes, and Trump’s Tweets – January 29, 2019

Published on Jan 19, 2019

Finally posting some videos on my own channel. For my first video I am giving some updates on our recent interview with #DavidWilcock, how our event with Waking the Collective in Phoenix Arizona went, thoughts on #CoreyGoode, how the Alliance took over the #GoldenGlobe awards, why Trump tweets matter, and what you have to look forward to in the next few weeks with EOW. 

Thank you again to all our fans who have made Edge of Wonder such a success, I am doing these posts just for you guys!

Ben Chasteen *Edge of Wonder*

Operation Disclosure

Navy Seal Reveals Secret Mission to Ancient Buried Structure in Antarctica — New Exopolitics.org Article – January 29, 2019

On January 23, Emmy award winning journalist, Linda Moulton Howe, released the video testimony of a new whistleblower discussing his highly classified mission to a large buried structure found in Antarctica. The whistleblower claims that in a classified mission conducted in 2003, he entered inside a very large octagon-shaped structure located near the Beardmore Glacier that extended down deep into the glacier’s icy interior.

The whistleblower is a retired U.S. Navy Seal who was first interviewed by Howe on July 19, 2018. He used the pseudonym Spartan 1 in Howe’s YouTube video where his face is shadowed out and his voice is altered to protect his identity. Howe says that she personally vetted Spartan 1, who provided ample documentation to substantiate his military career……..Read more

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Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Cabal Venezuelan Oil Grab Fails — Era of Light – January 28, 2019

The battle for the planet Earth is intensifying as the satanic ruling Western cabal is cornered, dangerous, and literally fighting for its life.  The cabal are now fighting desperately to stay in power by stealing the oil reserves of Venezuela, because they are doomed if they lose control of the financial system and thus their ability to hire protection.  More and more whistleblowers are coming out and confirming that they really do torture and murder children, and continue to try to murder the majority of the Earth’s population.

For example, the British newspaper The Guardian is now confirming what we have long been reporting, which is that HIV/AIDS was deliberately spread in an attempt to depopulate Africa…….Read more

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Former Upper-Echelon FBI Official Blows Whistle On Agency’s Corruption — Era of Light – January 28, 2019

Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Terry Turchie appeared alongside Tucker Carlson of an interview that surely shook up Fox as well as the nation, as he ended up demonstrating just why the FBI should not exist.  I’m not surprised as the Constitution neither mandates nor allows for the FBI to be funded or exist, as well as other alphabet agencies.

Turchie’s statement below let the cat out of the bag……Read more

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(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1777: Trump is Hitting at the Heart of the [CB] [DS] | We are Getting Closer – January 28, 2019

Published on Jan 28, 2019

The [CB] is putting the fear into the people in the UK. If there is no deal they won’t be able to make trade deals with the WTO and they will be in a 30 year recession, think mirror, the economy will boom and it will reflect on [CB]. The new BREXIT date is set for Feb 14. Shoppers around the country applied for store credit cards, this was a 30% increase, other received higher credit limits because of the new FICO calculation. Trump tweets that because of the tariffs the steel industry is back.

Published on Jan 28, 2019

Part of the plan is to show the American people that the MSM uses propaganda and fake news. Stones arrest shows that there is no Russian collusion and the discovery is going to show very interesting things. Hillary Clinton looking to run in 2020. The [DS] is pushing HR1, failed on arrival, Senate was the key. Trump nominates 51 Federal judges. Macron pushes red scarves on the yellow vests. Trump using the same strategy with Venezuela as NK. [DS] panicking, trolling Trump, think mirror, who is control, Patriots.


Operation Disclosure