Globalists Want Venezuela As The Next Jewel In Their Crown — Collective Evolution – January 30, 2019


  • The Facts:Juan Guaidó, the 35-year-old leader of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled national assembly, recently declared himself president of Venezuela, as part of a globalist-backed coup in attempt to overthrow recently inaugurated president Nicolas Maduro.
  • Reflect On:

What are the ways in which we are continuing to condone these geopolitical activities? Are we having trouble separating Western propaganda from our basic human values?

The attempted coup taking place in Venezuela right now is very instructive for those seeking to better understand the current geopolitical power struggle, as it is one of the most transparent illustrations of the well-worn tactics employed by the forces behind Western hegemony……Read more

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Israeli Scientists Announce ‘Complete Cure’ for Cancer is Coming Soon — Waking Times – January 30, 2019

Israeli Scientists Announce ‘Complete Cure’ for Cancer is Coming Soon

Elias MaratTMU
Waking Times

Israeli scientists clai they’ve made a breakthrough in devising a cure for cancer that could be proven within the year.Known as MuTaTo, or multi-targit toxin, the new anti-cancer drug is being touted as “a disruption technology of the highest order,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

Dan Aridor, the head of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd (AEBi), told the paper that his small team of scientists had developed an all-around treatment or “complete cure for cancer,” explaining: Read more

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Lars Bern: Därför leder globalisterna oss mot fascism — – 30 Januari, 2019

DEBATT. Lars Bern anser att det inte är nationalismen som leder till ett fascistiskt samhälle. Istället är det globalisternas manipulationer som driver oss in i en fascistisk värld på deras villkor. Globalisterna försöker kontrollera valutor och skatter och deras förmögenheter ska kunna flyttas fritt. De styr uppfattningar om klimatet och massmigrationen. De vill även styra våra…Läs mera

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Bahnhof: Regeringen vill ha fler kränkande övervakningslagar — – 30 Januari, 2019

ÖVERVAKNINGSSAMHÄLLET. “Regeringen verkar vilja etablera ett regelrätt övervakningssamhälle som både gör avsteg ifrån GDPR och EU-rätten, vilket i förlängningen innebär avsteg ifrån våra grundläggande mänskliga rättigheter”. Det skriver Bahnhof i ett pressmeddelande som NewsVoice återpublicerar i sin helhet. Den 21 januari presenterade statsminister Stefan Löfvén Sveriges nya blocköverskridande regering. I listan över regeringens statsråd introduceras en del…Läs mera

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FN:s Eat Foundation sprider vilseledande kostcirkel — – 30 Januari, 2019

DEBATT. Mänskligheten kan hälsa hem om FN:s Eat Foundation lyckas pådyvla världen en ny kostcirkel. Den nya globala dieten – innehållande 33% spannmålsprodukter och dessutom socker – kan ge oss metabola sjukdomar. 

Visserligen stämmer det att matsvinnet måste minskas drastiskt och att människan behöver öka intaget av grönsaker, men påståenden som att kosten energimässigt till 33% ska bestå av spannmålsprodukter och nästan inga animalier är inte faktagrundade. En sådan födoämnesfördelning ger bland annat alldeles för mycket socker från kolhydrater och för lite av viktiga fetter och aminosyror…..Läs mera

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Lowering CO2 Will Lead to Planet-Wide Food Scarcity and Mass Starvation — Humans Are Free – January 30, 2019

We’ve all heard about how rising levels of carbon dioxide will bring about the end of the Earth as we know it, but what if that wasn’t actually true? What if carbon dioxide was actually responsible for making the Earth greener and more lush, rather than turning it into the dessert-like, barren landscape we’ve seen in dystopian fiction movies? 

Well, empirical data has already shown that the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) has made our planet greener over the last 35 years. In fact, Earth is so much greener, the increased leaf coverage could cover the continental United States twice over. If you’ve ever traveled across the US, you know that’s no small feat…..Read more

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Yellow Vests Call for General Strike on February 5th — Era of Light – January 29, 2019

François Boulo is the a 32-year-old lawyer and spokesman for the Gilets Jaunes Yellow Vests movement in the northern city of Rouen, who is now calling on the French people to form a general strike on February 5th, as “The only way to force a deaf president to call us to the polls.”

As a lawyer, Boulo says, “I defend people threatened with the seizure of their homes by the banks,” and he complains that the “tax devices” of the Macron government work “for the benefit of the richest 1%,” at the expense of public services….Read more

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Top 10 facts about the vaccine industry that the dishonest, child-murdering media refuses to report – – January 28, 2019

Image: Top 10 facts about the vaccine industry that the dishonest, child-murdering media refuses to report

Natural News) The mainstream media is largely funded by drug companies and vaccine manufacturers and demonstrates extreme conflicts of interest in reporting on vaccines. Perhaps that’s why dishonest media outlets refuse to report the following ten stunning facts about the vaccine industry that are all provably true.

FACT #1) Mercury is still used in vaccines, and the CDC openly admits it. There is NO safe level of mercury for injecting into a human child. Not even “trace” levels. There is NO evidence of safety for mercury at any dose whatsoever. Any doctor who says the level of mercury in a vaccine is “safe” to inject into a child is only demonstrating their outrageous ignorance of scientific facts.

Mercury is arguably the most neurotoxic element on the entire Table of Elements. It is used in vaccines for the convenience of the vaccine manufacturer at the expense of the safety of the child. Any doctor who injects mercury into a child — at any dose! — should be immediately stripped of their medical license.

See the list of studies on the neurotoxicity of mercury at, now the largest relational research resource for chemicals, health, nutrients and drugs.

Those study titles include:

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ECETI James Gilliland — Bringing Sanity to an Insane World – January 29, 2019

The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland


Bringing sanity to an insane world, an objective non-party non-political approach.

Where to begin? First know your history. There are many on the left, mostly democrats who want socialism. This is in complete ignorance of the 61 failed attempts by other countries. If you want a current example see Venezuela. There was one attempt where a man went after the rich, promised wealth, abundance, free health care etc. to the masses saying he was the people’s choice. His party was the National Socialist Party. He along with other socialist dictators disarmed the people, took the wealth at gunpoint, nationalized industry of which war became the main industry. His name was Hitler. He killed over 150,000 German citizens along with the 6 million Jews. Chairman Mao disarmed the people then killed 40 to 70 million with his Single Party Socialism, Then there was Stalin, 20 million killed yes socialist party. North Korea 1.6 million Independent Socialist State. Tito 1.6 million Yugoslavia, Socialist Federation, the list goes on and on. Even the countries people use as examples of socialism that works have converted to more of a capitalistic state due to serious flaws in the system and economic failures.

There is a long history of socialist dictators who disarmed their citizens then went on a genocidal killing spree resulting in the death of thousands if not millions. When we look at the donors behind those calling for socialism we find the same Nazi ties. Research Soros and the 187 foundations he sponsors to create division, separation and chaos. The open borders program is nothing more than the global elites plan to flood countries with immigrants with culture and religious clashes to take down nations due to taxing their infrastructures to the point of collapse. Open boarders is one such organization. The caravans of thousands are financed by these same people making false promises creating the border, “crises”. The gender and race wars are also sponsored by the very same people. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, even the Women’s Marches are also sponsored by the same group. How about a divine feminine march rather than the one who’s leaders have openly called for Sharia Law. If you want to sponsor a barbaric law where women have no rights this would be the path. Sadly, many of these women are blinded by their own traumas, projecting and displacing anger, engaged emotionally without logic. Why would any woman in their right mind support this? It is because they have been lied too. Those playing the race and gender cards which in truth are preying on unhealed wounds and emotions with an agenda have fallen into this same trap. What is ironic is most are the radical left or democrats. The KKK were democrats, democrats voted against equal rights for Blacks and Women. Lincoln was a republican. Know your history.

There is a mass Stockholm syndrome effect going on……….

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