David Zublick: Hillary Clinton Died in 2016 of Kuru Disease – Fenruary 4, 2019


Posted on February 4, 2019

Source: Captain’s Blog

It’s not a shock for many of us—it’s simply confirmation. Thomas Williams told us long ago that she clinically died on September 11. He has referred to HRC as “Ann” ever since—for Android.

Linda Paris/Deplorable McAllister has suspected Clinton and others are suffering from kuru disease from eating Human flesh and ingesting bodily fluids. Perhaps people won’t be so quick to accuse us of being conspiracy theorists now.

We have also covered the fact that one of HRC’s doctors died under mysterious circumstances, as did George HW Bush’s doctor.

Clone, body double… whatever it is we’re seeing in public, it ain’t Hillary Clinton—but since she participated in the charade and the treason, she should get a nice room at GITMO.

The worst of this is that tax payers are footing the bill to keep this “thing” alive on machines. We saw the body brace and bag under her clothes, which David says is a machine to pump new blood into her body.

The boot she wore at one point we believed concealed a GPS tracking device concealed a mechanism to drain her old blood out and replace it with fresh, young blood. Unbelievable.

So… she plans to run for President in 2020? And are the press going to grill her doctor to determine if she’s fit to serve? I doubt it. That’s reserved for the perfectly healthy President Trump. ~ CB

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