The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: The Next Wave… – February 6, 2019

Your Earth is standing on the starting line of yet another huge energy shift.  There have been so many recently that it may feel as if nothing big is about to begin but, oh, there is! (Smiling) In preparation for the next upgrade, it is important that you create a quiet space in which to retreat when you feel things are becoming ‘too much’.  Whether is be in your home or among friends, the solace it will offer will be of great assistance.

It will also be essential to be consciously and keenly aware of where you are focusing your personal energy; are you using it as a form of distraction or as a means of growth and learning?  You are in charge of exactly how you receive this latest influx, you are responsible for how quickly it comes to you.  Let your intentions and intuition be your guide. ~ Creator

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Awakening Your Subconscious ∞The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – February 6, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have brought forth the energies necessary to link you up to that which is subconscious within you and to bring those subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and memories to the light. We have been sprinkling these energies into every single one of our transmissions since we began speaking through this particular channel, and you all are benefitting from having access to those thoughts, beliefs, and memories that had been hidden in your subconscious.

You are increasing your level of awareness through your willingness to receive these transmissions. Now, you are also able to see more clearly some of the motivations that lie beneath your actions. We are talking about the actions you have specifically taken to bring yourselves into a more enlightened spiritual state of being.  

Sometimes you have let those subconscious thoughts and beliefs steer you into doing something that wasn’t truly in alignment for you, something that you didn’t really resonate with. But again, you sometimes believe that you need something outside of yourselves in order to evolve spiritually.

And you’re becoming more aware of what these actions are, and you’re also becoming more awakened to the truth that you don’t need them in order to be your true self, your whole self. Now, the memories that have been subconscious for you have been coming to the surface to trigger you in some cases and to activate you in others. It really depends on the memory.

You will begin to notice more of these memories rising to the surface now that you have received this transmission, because of course we are sprinkling more of the energies necessary in this particular moment. We will continue to work with you in the future to bring about a greater awareness of what has been hidden from you, from your own consciousness. And as you unlock those doors, only good can come from that higher level of awareness.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

UN Peacekeeper Discovers Sex Trafficking Inside The UN With Ties To The U.S. State Department — Collective Evolution


  • The Facts: Ex Nebraska policewoman, Kathryn Bolkovac, who served as a UN peacekeeper and worked under DynCorp, a military contractor, where she learned about elite level sex trafficking involving the UN, the State Department & Military exposes the truth.
  • Reflect On: Numerous disclosures have been made, yet none of it is ever presented in the mainstream media, and if it is, they attempt to debunk it. Why does this type of activity always involve prominent “elitist” people? Why is it always covered up?

The topic of pedophilia is a disturbing one for sure, what’s even more disturbing is that this kind of thing continues to happen all over the world, particularly among the global elite. There are literally too many examples to go through, whether it be the pedophilia that’s been exposed inside the Vatican or the fairly recent NBC news report accusing Hillary Clinton covering up a giant pedophile ring within the state department, this thing is hitting the mainstream…..Read more & video: “DYNCORP CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING WHISTLEBLOWER KATHRYN BOLKOVAC” (1:47:07)

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When Secrecy is Better than Official Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Life — New Article – February 6, 2019


Dr. Steven Greer, a leading figure in the UFO disclosure movement, has just proposed an audacious idea concerning official disclosure of extraterrestrial life. In his expert opinion, acquired over more than 25 years of disclosure advocacy, continued secrecy is better than disclosing the truth about visiting aliens if they are depicted in any other way than peaceful nonviolent beings attempting to advance the evolution of human life on Earth.

In the February 5 installment of Gaia TV’s Disclosure series, Greer was interviewed on the topic of the “Architecture of Secrecy” and explained his view about how official disclosure should be handled. He asserted his controversial idea that continued secrecy is better than any disclosure scenario that depicts extraterrestrials as in any way constituting a threat:….Read more

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(Video) SGTReport — Harley Schlanger: Their Satanic Worldview Exposed – February 6, 2019

Published on Feb 5, 2019

Historian Harley Schlanger returns to SGT Report to recount the latest crimes of the deep state and while doing so Harley also does a brilliant job exposing their Satanic, anti-human worldview. Regarding the deep state aligned against President Trump, Harley says “we are seeing the coup move into high gear.”


Operation Disclosure

NewsGuard and Microsoft Team Up to Destroy Independent Media Ahead of 2020 Elections — Linked to Several Think Tanks, Government Officials — Humans Are Free – February 6, 2019

The service NewsGuard, an establishment attempt to silence alternative media and independent media sites, has teamed up with Microsoft to help its effort to destroy free press.

Meanwhile, the mysterious firm connected to intelligence agencies and former government officials on their advisory board has also just been linked to Saudi Arabia through Publicis Groupe, an investor in NewsGuard.

NewsGuard is now automatically included in Microsoft’s Edge browser on iOS, Android and Microsoft phones. 

Microsoft’s press release regarding the partnership states that NewsGuard “will empower voters by providing them with high-quality information about the integrity and transparency of online news sites.”

Just one problem, who is providing transparency about the news rating agency?

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