The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: Relax & Allow – February 11, 2019

As you engage with the current wave of energy, do your best to relax!  There are plenty of distractions vying of your attention but, in the infinite picture, it does not matter much.  Like a two-year-old child acting out, the ‘old way’ is slowly fading and it will do anything to keep your focus on it and away from your goals.  It is up to you to maintain your peace, continue to send Unconditional Love to those around you and know that all is moving at the proper pace and direction.  The only thing left for you to do is allow! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

Certainty About Your Ascension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – February 11, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We can see how many of you would be wondering about the certainty that we have that you are all going to ascend in this lifetime, just so long as you stay in your bodies. And we also know that some of the ones who are going through the death experience right now are going to come right back. They will ascend as very small children, or babies.

The certainty that we have about this has nothing to do with your astrological charts. It has nothing to do with all of you earning a place in the fifth dimension. You have simply done everything that you set out to do as third dimensional beings. In other words, you created all of the experiences that you had as third dimensional beings because you wanted to have those experiences and because you knew you would grow and expand from them.

You didn’t create all of those life experiences so that you could learn something, and you don’t keep coming back so that you can become perfect. Many conditions must be in place in order for any human to even approach what you might deem as spiritual perfection. But instead, you came for the challenges. You came to see how far you go down the different emotional journeys that you’ve been on.

You came to awaken to the truth that you are Source Energy Beings, eternal, infinite, and unconditional love. And you also came to experience what it would be like to ascend while in a physical body. You’ve paid your dues, and you’ve simply worn out your welcome in the third dimension. It’s time to let others have those experiences. It’s time to move on, and so you are going to do that. You are going to do that because you no longer have anything to gain by being where you are.

And so, all that is left to do is to plan the experience of your ascension. That’s what it’s all about right now, and that’s what we will continue to assist you with.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

(Video) Destroying the Illusion — [2.10] L.A. “Training” Exercises | Free Energy | Geoengineering | Space Force | GMOs | Vaccines – February 11, 2019

Published on Feb 10, 2019

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Destroying the Illusion

Operation Disclosure


(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1787: Trump Makes Move on [CB] | Optics are Important – February 10, 2019

Published on Feb 10, 2019

Trump and the patriots are bringing manufacturing back to this country. Ford announces 1 billion dollar investment in the Chicago plant, new jobs. Trump is taking on the [CB] and [DS] at the same time. Once the [CB] system is removed the [DS] will not be able to function. Patriots are in control.

Published on Feb 10, 2019

Judge orders warrant of the Cohen raid made public. Trump trolls Elizabeth Warren. Trump tweets how there is no evidence of Russian collusion. The Mueller report is going to be released very soon. Trump says NK will be an economic force. Trump orders the troops home from Syria. Q is back and drops more bread. Q confirms RBG, tells us the countdown has begun. Optics are important. The [DS] and the MSM are believe they have the upper hand but its about to come down around them. The countdown has begun and nothing can stop it.


Operation Disclosure

Watch: Firefighters Report Neurological Damage After 5G Cell Tower Installation Near Their Station — Collective Evolution – February 11, 2019


  • The Facts:Following a cell tower installation on their fire station, Firefighters were all found to have abnormal brain chemistry.
  • Reflect On:Why is this technology being rolled out without any appropriate biological safety testing first? If we already have reason to believe there are issues, shouldn’t we test effectively first?

“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world” – Martin L. Pall, PhD & Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. – 5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field(EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them. Read more & video

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Breaking NEWS: Major cause of aging (and how to REVERSE it) revealed — Natural Health 365 – February 11, 2019

(NaturalHealth365) Zombies made a hefty pop culture comeback recently thanks to The Walking Dead and other popular shows.  Now, the term is sliding into science – with researchers out of the Mayo Clinic reporting on senescent cells, aka “zombie cells,” believed to drive aging.

Are you wondering what these cells are and how they contribute to age-related diseases and dysfunction?  Scientists are curious, too – and the answers are primed to unlock the secret to powerful anti-aging capabilities. Read more

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How to Stop Attacks and Illness by Clearing Negative Entities — Humans Are Free – February 11, 2019

As we continue to meld and move through the fourth dimension on many different levels, the dark forces are getting more desperate for sources of energy, or what has been called “loosh”. 

Most energetic attacks have the purpose of triggering negative emotional responses for this loosh, and others are self created thoughtforms. Part of the spiritual “work” is clearing yourself and your house of negative energies and entities as you learn to unplug from the matrix.

The matrix is an interactive binary computer program that is an overlay on top of the organic 5d Earth matrix. Its purpose is to lock humans into a perpetual source of energy for 4th dimensional beings who were trapped here by the Federation during the cosmic wars. Read more

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Min livsresa från svåra smärtor till bättring med medicinsk cannabis — TV Helse i Sverige – 10 Februari, 2019

Helena Bågenhammar fick stor hjälp av medicinsk cannabis. Foto: Cytis.

BERÄTTELSE. “Jag hoppas att artikeln kan vara till hjälp för dig som vill ansöka om att få medicinsk cannabis ordinerad. Ingenting är omöjligt. Det finns alltid en väg.” Det skriver Helena Bågenhammar om sin svåra livsresa från svåra smärtor till bättring med hjälp av medicinsk cannabis.

Fick häst över sig – ofattbara smärtor

Åren 2000-2001 arbetade jag med jordbruk och avel av sporthästar. En dag råkade jag ut för en allvarlig olycka. Hästen stegrade sig och gick runt så att jag fick hela hästen, som väger 500 kg över mig. Det vassa bakvalvet på dressyrsadeln kapade mitt ben rakt av. Mitt vänsterben låg bredvid mig i ridhuset och jag spikades ihop på Kristianstad lasarett.  Sedan dess har jag plågats av ständiga smärtor som bara blivit värre med åren.

Jag lever med flera olika sorters smärtor bl a nociceptiv smärta och nervsmärta. Nociceptiv smärta innebär, när den är som värst att bl a beröring gör väldigt ont. Värme och kyla är jag också oerhört känslig för. Särskilt vinterdagar med frost gör så ont att jag inte fungerar över huvudtaget. Fuktigt väder och rimfrost är det värsta för oss smärtpatienter. Läs mera

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