The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: The Beacon… – February 13, 2019

It is time to keep your eyes wide open.  There may be people and situations being designed specifically to move you into ‘fear mode’.  Some may attempt to ‘sell you’ beliefs and ideas that do not resonate.  Many have chosen to stay asleep in the comfort of the mass consciousness, ignoring the mounting energy engulfing your world and choosing to remain blissfully unaware that things are changing at break-neck speed.  Free will dictates that you get to decide what works and does not work for you!

The Universe knows this may sound a bit disheartening and a little more than disappointing.  But, in keeping your eyes open, you will be able to see those around you that are ready for change, to step into their light and rise above the status quo.  This is where your bright light, radiating Unconditional Love and peace, comes into play.  Be the luminous beacon that helps light the way out of the darkness. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

Your Works of Fiction ∞The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – February 13, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are beginning to suspect that humanity is bringing about a true renaissance period in your entertainment industry. You have so many different ways now of telling stories, and those stories are often quite cathartic. You are all being served by the works of fiction that you read and watch.

You are able to go to places and time periods that you would not otherwise be able to visit, and you are getting the emotional triggers that are necessary to put you in touch with the traumas and the stuck emotions that you need to uncover to evolve. We are encouraged by the number of books, television shows, and movies that are telling you the truth about how things have been on Earth for quite some time and how to change them.

In more and more of these works of fiction we see the main character, or characters, showing mercy, offering forgiveness, and holding out hope that the villain, or villains, can change. This is one of the very effective ways to bring about change on your world. It is through the art of story telling that you can put forth an enlightened message, make people feel something, and sprinkle in some truth about what is going on behind the scenes there on Earth and in the solar system.

It is certainly an interesting time when you can rely more on the works of fiction to tell you the truth than you can the news channels. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are awakening every day on Earth, and we are as eager as you all are to see what your writers and directors will come up with next.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Why Heart Disease is the Leading Cause of Death – and How to Avoid It — Wake Up World – February 14th, 2019

February 14th, 2019 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World Heart disease is not just the leading cause of death in the USA, but also in the whole world. It’s not just the leading cause of death for men, but also for women. Heart disease is not just one disease. It’s a whole group of diseases which affect the circulatory system and include cardiovascular disease and conditions like high/low blood pressure. So what really causes it – and what can you do about it? Read more

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Central Bankers are Money Swindlers — Knowledge is Power – February 13, 2019

Central Bankers are Money Swindlers

Money system deliberately destroyed

How this monetary system works

A Society is as sound as its currency

The Solution is simple – Public Awareness

Knowledge is Power

Source: Final Wakeup Call

Our time is worth no more today than half a century ago

The average working-class person has made zero wage gains in his entire 48-year period in the labour market, since the new fiat currency was introduced in 1971. It is known that real hourly wages are no higher than they were in the mid-’70s. Then again, the figures indicate that the period of zero growth reaches back to 1971. As the fraudulently precise figures of the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) show annual real wage gains of 0.01%. That’s one-hundredth of a percent! In other words, Nothing.

That makes this a fact of non-progress which we should be concerned about. Most people have only one commodity, which is their time. They sell it by the hour, by the week, or month. The figures show that their time is worth no more today than it was nearly half a century ago.

Don’t hold your breath lest this be proven false. How could this be possible? How could centuries of progress, from the depths of the Middle Ages to the era of the Nixon administration, suddenly come to an end, just when things seemed most promising?

Today, there are far more people with PhDs, more engineers, more people with a master’s degree, more patents, more technology, and more well-educated people all over the world; striving, straining, and stressing out over how to make their time more valuable. How could our progress have failed so spectacularly?

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Corey Goode Intel Update — February 10, 2019

Corey Goode FB update, February 10 at 7:37 AM

UPDATE: I have been overwhelmed with briefings and new information coming in from Gonzales, the SSP Alliance, Blue Avians and the Anshar.

The Alliance briefings have been sporadic at best, but when they do occur they are filled with gems of new information that correlate with what we are seeing play out in the media in real time.

I recently announced that I had introduced people like David Wilcock and Dr. Salla (Among others) to Alliance contacts. Depending on the meeting/briefing, there were people that were retired Colonels, Generals, and politicians from this and other countries. I have been providing briefings to Wilcock and Salla along with them receiving direct communications and briefings at times from the Alliance.

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BOMBSHELL: Apple demands Natural News stop writing about abortions or Satanism; threatens to block Natural News app from all Apple devices – February 11, 2019

Image: BOMBSHELL: Apple demands Natural News stop writing about abortions or Satanism; threatens to block Natural News app from all Apple devices

Monday, February 11, 2019 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) In a series of shocking “demand” emails containing screen captures showing lists of Natural News articles, Apple has demanded Natural News stop publishing articles critical of abortions or Satanism, threatening to block the Natural News app from all Apple devices if Apple’s demands are not met.

This is the first time that a dominant tech company has overtly come out in defense of Satanism while threatening to censor a prominent publisher that exposes the evils of Satanic influence. Many people will see this as yet more proof that Apple, along with other tech giants, is literally aligned with Satan and is exploiting its power of censorship to silence those who criticize Satanism.

With Democrats now openly pushing infanticide and the legalization of the serial killing of infants, tech giants like Apple are serving as the censorship “speech police” to silence all criticism of the gruesome practice. In threatening Natural News over our coverage of infanticide and abortions, Apple is staking out the position of being pro-infanticide, and anyone who dares to speak up for innocent children is deemed by Apple to be engaged in “hate speech.”

According to apple, opposing the murder of children is now “hate speech”

Read more & video with Mike Adams: Natural News

Wake Up and support

Listen to Mike Adams in this video: “TECHNO-FASCISM: Apple demands Natural News stop writing about abortions or Satanism” (38:49)

Mexican Scientist Cures the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) — Humans Are Free – February 13, 2019

This scientific achievement was accomplished through photodynamic therapy, a non-invasive technique.

Eva Ramón Gallegos, a researcher from Mexico National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) was able to completely eradicate the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in 29 patients.

This scientific achievement was accomplished through photodynamic therapy, a non-invasive technique that seems to be an efficient method to prevent malignant neoplasm, which is the second cause of death among Mexican women. Read more

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(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1789: Gold is about to be Weaponized | [HRC] Firewall Removed – February 12, 2019

Published on Feb 12, 2019

The EU is now pushing project fear, they are talking about an apocalyptic event if there is a no deal. The CB and elite will use fear to try to get what they want. George Soros says something needs to be done or the entire EU will end up like the Soviet Union. Trump has trapped the Fed with jobs, job numbers are great, Fed is doing nothing, Fed raises rates, the market comes down, it is all blamed on the Fed. US, Russia and China will use gold to remove the central banks.

Published on Feb 12, 2019

The senate released their report and they found no Russian collusion. Nunes says there is no Russian collusion. The [DS] is trying to push the latest gun bill, this will fail, the senate is the firewall. Q drops more bread, [HRC] protection has been removed, the [DS] pieces have been removed, this needed to be done, checks need to be installed so we have don’t have a repeat of corruption, shady deals etc. This is not just about a 4 year elections this is about giving the power back to the people.

Operation Disclosure

(Video) PrayingMedic — QAnon: Liddle Phoney Leaker – February 12, 2019

Published on Feb 12, 2019

Q calls out Adam Schiff for his leaking and his phony attacks on the President. Q also reminds us that it isn’t enough to simply arrest corrupt people. We need to make the necessary changes to prevent this type of corruption from ever happening again.


Operation Disclosure

(Video) Dave Janda — President Trump’s Formula for Melting the Lame Stream Fake Media – February 12, 2019

Published on Feb 12, 2019

The spotlight of this Briefing focuses on President Trump’s method for melting the lame stream fake media.

Operation Freedom

Operation Disclosure