As global insect population plunges toward total ecological collapse, the corporate-run media still censors the truth about GMOs and pesticides — – February 14, 2019

(Natural News) For more than a decade, Natural News has been warning the public about the dangers of the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, and the genetic modification of plants to withstand the onslaught of such chemicals. In return, Natural News – like most members of the independent media – has been vilified, mocked and even censored by the mainstream media. Worse, even generally respected journalists have stubbornly insisted, despite mounting evidence that these chemicals have a profoundly negative effect on human and environmental health, that so-called “conventional” farming methods are totally safe.

Sadly, Big Agri has continued to sell its deadly poisons, and things have now become so bad that even some in the mainstream media have started reporting on the devastating impact these chemicals continue to have on insect populations. Read more

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Vaccine Dangers: Is the Aluminum in Vaccines Worth the Risk? — The Truth About Cancer – February 14, 2019

Many holistic doctors today believe that the body’s natural immune defenses are being compromised due to an increasing focus on vaccinations to protect people from infectious disease. Meanwhile, government bodies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals alike often mandate the flu shot and other vaccines for their employees. Not to mention that the general public is constantly bombarded with messages that a public health crisis will occur if vaccines are not utilized. Read more

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The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: Be Your Own… – February 14, 2019

You see it every day; people desperately reaching out for something, anything to fill a void within that only they can fill. They are constantly looking outside

themselves for the perfect job, life, car, house or partner. What they do not realize is that everything exists within! (Smiling)

The Universe wants you to know that once you become your own best friend, true love and intimate counsel, the infinite possibilities of your life begin to show themselves to you! In the process of living the way you want and, in your truth, it allows those gifts to arrive in ways you always imagined! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

A Human/Arcturian Community ∞The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – February 14, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are establishing a sense of community with those of you who receive these transmissions. We have done this quite deliberately because we wanted you to familiarize yourselves with the energy of our star system. We are Arcturian, but we are also non-physical. There are, however, physical Arcturian beings that you will be more likely to resonate with because of the energies that we have sent in these transmissions.

You see, nothing is ever just about one thing. We are not just sharing information with you. We are also preparing you for contact. Now, all of the other beings from the other star systems that are connecting with you all through the various channels that you have there on Earth are doing the same thing. And certainly those who channel faeries are readying you for more interactions with the fae.

We are excited to witness the coming together of humanity and the Arcturian beings that you will be meeting in the flesh. Now, of course, some have already established connections with physical Arcturian beings. We are not here to suggest that this will be the first ever human/Arcturian encounter, but what we are preparing you for is full and open contact with the fourth and fifth dimensional beings who are from our little star system.

Now, when you consider the magnitude of what we are saying here, you can of course come to the conclusion that even when you are just listening to or reading one of these transmissions, you are doing something. You are not passive in your receiving. You are very actively raising your vibrations to meet us. That is the only way that these transmissions could possibly hit home.

And we want to reassure you that you are doing a wonderful job of receiving the energies that are woven into these transmissions, and the coming together of the human race and the Arcturian race is something that is coming. And it is coming to planet Earth. You are undoubtedly as excited as we are about this.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Drug danger: Statins shown to cause fatal nervous system disorder — Natural Health 365 – February 14, 2019

(NaturalHealth365) Conventionally speaking, statins are designed to ‘protect’ your health by lowering your cholesterol.  But, in too many cases, there are patients uninformed about the fatal threat of this type of drug. (allow me to explain)

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?  Well, hopefully you remember the disease that the viral challenge was raising money (and awareness) for.  That disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease – clinically known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS – is thought to occur “sporadically” in about 90 percent of the cases, according to the ALS Association.

Yet, sadly, stunning new research reveals a possible driving factor behind these ‘sporadic cases’ of ALS: statins, or the popular class of drugs used to lower cholesterol.

How taking statins can threaten your future health, according to a shocking report: Read more

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Benjamin Fulford Full Report: “Massive World Changes” — February 11, 2019

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Secret treaties signal massive world changes as early as March

By Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

Intense negotiations are taking place now at the highest levels of world power both in secret and in public, multiple sources agree. These could result in earth-changing announcements as early as March, they say. The power struggle in Washington, D.C. is also heading for some sort of climax, as can be seen by U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to declare a national emergency.

One big public move was the announcement of a one-world religion by the Pope, a senior Islamic representative, and representatives from many other religions. This came after Pope Francis became the first pope in history to visit the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Islam. The text of the announcement can be seen here:

Full report

(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1790: The Move Against the [CB] Begin | Military Exercises in Multiple Cities – February 13, 2019

Published on Feb 13, 2019

The European economy is in a recession or almost there, they are the weak link the global economy. More people are out of the food stamp program than every before. This is part of the plan to reduce the dependency on government. Howard Schultz rips apart the Green Deal. The D’s are pushing the idea that because of Trump people are not getting big refunds, very misleading. Italy pushes the idea to get rid of or restructure the [CB]. In the TBAC minutes they make reference that the dollar might not be the reserve currency.

Published on Feb 13, 2019

Stone files motion to show CNN new about the raid because they were tipped off. MSNBC admits that there is no Russian collusion. Sara Carter wonders should those who lied to congress and to the public should there be repercussions. Brennan is in a deep panic. Nunes pushes to bust those who lied to congress. NK and SK want to host the Olympics together. Flynn changes his background to his family crest. Military exercises taking place in cities and Norad is holding an exercise in Washington DC, They have the watch.


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(Video) Flu Shot Fallacies: Please Inspect Before you Inject – February 13, 2019

The Josh Bernstein Show
Published on Feb 12, 2019

Do you know what is in a Flu shot? The list of carcinogenic agents and compounds is terrifying. This video sheds some light on what our Government and Big Pharma is putting in these shots. #BigPharma #FluShot #HealthCare #VaccinationSafety #LearnTheRisk #Vaxxed #ForcedImmunization #JoshBernsteinShow

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