Vatican Schedules Child Sacrifice for February 23 in Rome – February 22, 2019

Vatican Sets Child Sacrifice for Feb. 23 in Rome 

Judy Byington

A child sacrifice has been planned for midnight Feb. 23-24 just prior to a Ninth Circle Cult ritual at the Jesuit San Lorenzo Piscibus church in Rome. All concerned have been asked to converge on the San Lorenzo Piscibus church by sundown this Sat. Feb. 23 to aid in the disruption of a bloody ritual.


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NASA Happily Reports The Earth Is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago Thanks To China & India — Collective Evolution – February 22, 2019

By Joe Martino


  • The Facts:Thanks to China and India, human-induced ‘greening’ has increased by 5% across the earth!
  • Reflect On:Why are we only getting the ‘bad news’ stories about the climate all the time? Is it politically convenient? Does it fit narratives? Is it always true? Are we only being told one side? Are we meant to remain in fear?

Amidst the climate alarmism that is sometimes misplaced, there are stories that paint a different picture. 

Like the study published in the American Meteorological Society’s Journal of Climate showing that climate models exaggerate global warming from CO2 emissions by as much as 45%…..Read more

The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: Your Choice – February 22, 2019

It is time to fully understand that you get to choose!  You oversee how you feel, what you do, where you go and how you get there.  The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual have always been dictated by you.  The current wave of energy being delivered to your Earth plane signals changes as well as an acceptance of responsibility for your very existence.  In the bustle of the everyday, this fact may slip from the forefront of your mind.  You are being invited to bring it back to your conscious awareness, using it to make much needed shifts within.  The Universe is always beside you, guiding and supporting every step! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

Empaths & Awakening ∞The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – February 22, 2019


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are susceptible to the influences of your vibrations. In other words, when the vibration of humanity, or any other race in dimensions that are lower than ours dips, we feel it. We are empaths just as many of you are. Being empathic is part of being awakened, because in order for you to truly be awake, you have to care about other people. 

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Mike Quinsey Message, February 22, 2019

22nd February 2019. Mike Quinsey. 

Everywhere changes are taking place and have been for quite some time, and if you can see the overall pattern you may correctly conclude that the outcome is for a more settled Earth. The emphasis is more on the people who are able to determine their own future. It is also being seen that small is beautiful, and people will eventually merge into smaller compact self-supporting groups. It does not happen overnight, but already you are beginning to see the big conglomerates having to size down. With the coming of changes in technologies it will be seen as a natural and necessary development. 


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Doctor Explains How The HPV Vaccine Is Linked To A Rise In Cervical Cancer Rates — Collective Evolution – February 22, 2019

By Arjun Walia


  • The Facts:Cervical cancer rates in several countries have risen since the introduction of the HPV vaccine, and pap smear tests have dropped. When pap smear tests were routinely conducted, cancer rates remained low.
  • Reflect On:After reading the article, is it really worth it? It doesn’t make much sense, so why is it so heavily marketed?

It takes a long time to affirm that a preventive action really protects. But the failure of this supposed protection can sometimes be very quickly obvious. To prove that the Titanic was truly unsinkable would have required decades of navigation on the most dangerous seas of the world. Demonstrating that it wasn’t, took only a few hours … This  Titanic demonstration is unfortunately reproduced by the Gardasil vaccination…Read more

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Navy Insiders Corroborate Secret Antarctic Space Fleet & Mission to Oumuamua — New Article – February 22, 2019


A former Navy Seal and a Marine Corps special operator have just revealed in an interview their knowledge of a secret space fleet that operates out of Antarctica, which flew a landing mission to the recent interstellar visitor to our solar system, Oumuamua. They were interviewed by veteran UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe who released their startling testimonies on her YouTube channel live streaming on February 20, 2019.

Howe had previously released Part 1 of her interview where Spartan 1, a former Navy Seal, described entering an octagon shaped structure covering approximately 62 acres near the Beardsmore Glacier in Antarctica. His account of what he witnessed and his mission there is described in my earlier article.

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(Videos) Humanity’s Missing History — Mud Floods, Giants, Free Energy, Depopulation, and Lies – Februari 21, 2019


Posted on February 21, 2019

Source: Captain’s Blog

What the people running this planet have done to maintain their iron grip over the population is shocking, and the evidence in the videos below may render you verklempt, as I was.

The sheer greed and ruthlessness is staggering.

Read more & videos: “TARTARY EMPIRE – AETHER” (1:23:33) and “The mud flood Tartaria – Justin Pawlak” (1:26:37) at: Captain’s Blog

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(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1797: The Economic Attacks Begin | Fake Investigations will Cease – February 21, 2019

Published on Feb 21, 2019

May and Juncker meet for talks, the talks go no where, no progress was made, the EU will not move on their demands. Durable goods decline, the housing market is becoming to expensive for the everyday person, the [CB] has created a housing bubble in many cities that’s much bigger than the 2008 housing bubble. China is going to buy more agricultural products from the US. The US and China are very close to make a deal. China says they will not manipulate their currency. The [DS] begin their attack the economy, they are trying to show the economy is not doing well, who has the magic wand?

Published on Feb 21, 2019

Jussie Smollette was arrested for staging the attack. Celebrities and politicians are deleting their tweets. Mueller investigation is wrapping up, and the MSM and politicians are projecting that the report will be a nothing burger. The [DS] are now changing the meaning of some words so they are not caught in spying and leaking. IRS analyst illegally leaked Cohen tax records. Q drops more bread, the patriots have the logs of the SCIFS, there is no escape.


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