X22 Report — Episode 1800: Complicated Economic Changes Coming | [DS] Losing Narrative – February 25, 2019

X22 Report’s episode 1800a and b for February 25, 2019. – OD-Source 2

Published on Feb 25, 2019

Trump is continually making the point that the stock market is up, NASDAQ is up and the economy is doing fantastic, he is using all the [DS] [CB] weapons against them and stopping the [DS][CB] from bringing the country into a recession. Trump and Xi are making a trade deal, Trump delays the tariffs. The Fed is talking about lower the interest rate. Xi put China on high alert to look out for a black swan and says complicated economic change is coming.

Published on Feb 25, 2019

The Mueller report is coming and the [DS] is preparing for it, first they put out the narrative that the report won’t be what everyone expects, now they are saying Mueller won’t release the full report. Panic in DC. Venezuela is not what it seems, the MSM and the [DS] are pushing their agenda and Trump is pushing his. Former Iraqi PM says Obama played an important role in the creation of ISIS. Q drops more bread.


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