X22 Report — Episode 1801: Economic Awakening Begins | Collusion, Investigations, Hoaxes Failed – February 26, 2019

Published on Feb 26, 2019

Housing is falling apart, the entire market was built on an illusion and it was designed to pop at a certain point, with the Fed raising the rates back in 2016 it pushed the housing market to the edge. The MSM was reporting that we were headed towards a recession, now that the Fed backtracked on the interest rates they are now reporting that the recession is not coming. Yellen is now criticizing Trump saying he lacks a basic understanding of the role and goals of the Federal Reserve. Powell begins the process of waking up the American people to the real debt problem.

Published on Feb 26, 2019

Cohen is going to testify before congress which is ethically wrong.Supreme court rules that rulings from dead federal judges cannot stand. White House will veto the gun bill. Afghanistan peace talks are moving in the right direction. The Iranian nuclear architect resigns. Q drops more bread.


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