X22 Report — Episode 1802: Structure Change Coming | Big Happenings are Going to Take Place – February 27

Trump is taking control of the Fed and economical structure change is incoming. The scripted charade in D.C. continues. Also, Q gives some drops. – OD-Source 2


Published on Feb 27, 2019

US pending homes sales rebound more than expected, but still remains very low for 13 months in a row. Core US manufacturing declines. Fiat/Chrysler is bringing back manufacturing jobs. The Fed has decided to stop unwinding their balance sheet, this will being in March. Trump has full control over the Fed, get ready for major structure change coming soon.

Published on Feb 27, 2019

Cohen testifies to congress, this was a scripted show that was put on for TV. Cohen was caught in many lies and people are starting to realize that he is a lair and a conman. Lynn Patton was brought into the hearing on purpose to contradict Cohen calling Trump a racist. Andrew Cuomo ready to sign the red flag law to confiscate guns. Senate moves on Trump ninth circuit nominee. Trump is NK meeting with Kim Jong Un. Q drops more bread. T [-21], the countdown is happening and something big is about to happen.