(Video) X22 Report: [5], [4] To Go, Patriots In Control, [DS] Is Being Shutdown – Episode 1855 — April 30, 2019

The US home price growth is slowing, the housing market is slowing. Trump’s tax cuts are helping the everyday person and helping small businesses. The tax cuts are bring jobs back and helping people keep more currency in their pocket. R&D agree to a 2 Trillion dollar infrastructure bill. Trump says China is doing stimulus that is helping the economy, the Fed is now setup and they will be responsible for the crash. Right on cue Trump calls for interest rate cut. The story about Buttigieg is now falling apart and it seems it was a setup. Biden calls for impeachment.Nadler becoming desperate. Schiff wants Erik Prince for lying to congress, be careful what you wish for. RR resigns, the plan is coming together. JW has more info on the HRC emails. Trump shutting down the Muslim brotherhood. The neocons behind Guidao push for regime change, but it is not going as planned. Major event stopped by the patriots, was this one of the events that was planned? If so we can expect 4 more

Video via [5], [4] To Go, Patriots In Control, [DS] Is Being Shutdow – Episode 1855 —