Message of the Moment From Horus – The Tree of the Golden Light – May 7, 2019

Messages of the Moment From Horus

05-07-19: If you want to become an individual who gives of oneself in the harmony of the All, then know that as you do that then you are doing for yourself as well as for all others. You are part of the All, and as you step forward in that knowing, you are contributing not only to your life, but to All of life on earth and beyond. You are the one who gives to the All with every move you make and every step that you take whether it is only in a circle, or in a series of steps through life that you Love and know are the epitome of all that you are in harmony with in every moment. Give to yourself and it expands beyond into the Allness of the Love you include with it. I am Horus here with you and in Love for the All of us.

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