What Is In Your Heart — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – June 29, 2019

One of the unfortunate things that has developed on your Earth plane; there are ploys that have been specifically designed to play on your insecurities.  You are being told you need to be faster, stronger, more beautiful/handsome, thinner, drive a better car, get a better job, live in a bigger house…as if what you are born with and who you are will never be good enough.

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Timelessness ∞The 9D Arcturian Council — Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – June 29, 2019

Timelessness ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very patient beings, because we have no time to consider. We trust in the perfect timing for everything that is occurring in this galaxy and universe, and certainly everything that is happening there on Earth. We know that there are many instances in your lives where you do not feel you have the same luxury. How can you be patient, after all, when you are getting older, or how can you be patient when your rent or mortgage payment is due?

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Mike Quinsey Message, June 28, 2019

(The Tree of the Golden Light)

28th. June 2019. Mike Quinsey.

The turmoil of change continues as it clearly causes confrontation amongst you, as certain groups fight change not wishing to move on to more peaceful lives and leave behind all the trappings of war. It is clear that the people have had enough of continual warlike experiences and are tired of them. Even those younger generations who have had little or no experience whatsoever of wars seek a peaceful future, as they have a more heightened awareness and intuitively know what is best for Humanity. There is no doubt that slow but sure peace is being brokered all over the Earth, and even those in the hotspots are beginning to see the futility of continuing with warlike activities. There is a movement that is growing upon the Earth that seeks new ways of bringing about world peace, whilst at the same time still allowing the freewill choice of the people. It will come because it has been ordained so that those of the Light can evolve without interference or delay.

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Risks to Children from Water Fluoridation—One Dose Does Not Fit All — Collective Evolution – June 29, 2019


By Amanda Just, MS, and David Kennedy, DDS,  from CHD’s Partner:International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

Fluoridation is the addition of an industrial compound to the public drinking water for the purpose of altering the consumer’s oral health. Municipalities that add fluoride to their water supplies do so based on a “one dose fits all” approach. This blanket approach fails to address the smaller size of infants and children and the larger proportions of water and other fluoridated beverages they drink. Significantly, a formula-fed infant drinks its weight in water every three to four days, resulting in the most vulnerable members of the population consuming by far the largest dose of fluoride

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Ytterligare en studie indikerar att Parkinsons sjukdom kommer från magtarmkanalen — TV Helse i Sverige – 29 Juni, 2019


FORSKNING. Studier vid Johns Hopkins University indikerar att patogena proteiner kan vandra via vagusnerven från mag-tarmkanalen till hjärnan, vilket kan resultera i Parkinsons sjukdom.

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Bältros kan utlösas av statiner — NewsVoice.se – 29 Juni, 2019


Kolesterolsänkande läkemedel (statiner) kan utlösa utbrott av bältros (Herpes zoster). Läkemedlen ökar risken för att utveckla smärtsamma virusinfektioner och det är särskilt ett bekymmer bland äldre. De representerar vanligtvis den största användargruppen av statiner och är också mer benägna att drabbas av bältros.

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Mueller Indicted! – Charged with Witness Tampering, Obstruction of Justice, Attempting to Suborn Perjury and Treason – Freedom Watch USA – June 29, 2019

(Freedom Watch USA)

(June 27, 2019). Today, Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor and the founder of Freedom Watch (www.freedomwatchusa.org) announced the criminal indictment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller by a citizens grand jury for the alleged crimes of witness tampering, obstruction of justice, attempting to suborn perjury and other illegalities. A copy of the indictment, jury instructions, verdict form and related documents are embedded below and can also be found on Freedom Watch’s website along with a video of the grand jury proceedings. Filming the proceedings as well as offering testimony about Mueller’s illegal grand jury leaks was Jason Goodman, CEO of Crowdsource the truth. The video of the proceedings can also be found at the links below:

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