Cloud image (Mythical Phoenix Bird) – Aug 2, 2019

Hi all 🙂

I took some images of the sky today on different cloud formations and here is a selected one from the northern part of the Stockholm county, Sweden.
This is my own interpretation of what is seen in the image and it´s the Mythical Phoenix Bird (Renewal, Rebirth and Destruction). You can see the wings, the head/the beak, the tail, the body and the sun behind. More about the Mythical Phoenix Bird below this image.

Love,Light and Peace /TheLightHasWon


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Source: Ancient Origins

Phoenix rising from the ashes

Image: Phoenix rising from the ashes in Book of Mythological Creatures by Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch (1747-1822)

“In ancient mythology, the symbolism of the majestic Phoenix bird, which is most often connected with the Sun, dies and is reborn across cultures and
throughout time…..” ” 

Read more about the Symbolism of the Mythical Phoenix Bird here: