Bechir Rabani ifrågasatte skenheliga medier – Idag är han borta — -16 Augusti, 2019


VI MINNS BECHIR RABANI. Neutral Media har intervjuat människor som kände Bechir Rabani som vän eller följare. Bilden av Bechir skiljer sig radikalt från den bild som massmedierna valde att måla upp. Medierna porträtterade honom unisont med negativt värdeladdade ord. De som kände honom beskriver istället en omtänksam och humoristisk person som gjorde ett seröst journalistiskt arbete. Filmen är en hyllning till en sann och orädd medborgarjournalist som Sverige förlorat.

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Fox News is Operating Like an Intelligence Agency – August 16, 2019

Fox News Operates Like an Intelligence Agency

02 Jul, 2019

Source: Expose the Enemy | By Akamai Tree

[OpDis Editor Note: It’s no secret that most of the media in the US is used as a tool by the intelligence agencies. It is said that the invention of the TV has been created with the very purpose to brainwash people into obeying the state.Patent US 6506148 B2. It’s advised to read more and turn off the TV.]

The unraveling of two of the most influential figures at Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes, has shed much light on the internal workings of the company. While nearly all attention has been focused on Bill O’Reilly’s bizarre behavior and his seeming complete and utter inability to control himself around female coworkers, much more interesting revelations have come out in relation to Fox News’ intelligence operations as well as further confirmation of its political weight. For decades, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes – both very politically connected – have covertly operated a compartmented section of Fox News/News Corp. involved in spying, computer hacking/electronic surveillance, blackmail, smears, bribery, intimidation, harassment, etc. that works very much like an intelligence agency or even a sophisticated organized crime syndicate.

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Fd polis: Svenska polisen nedmonteras och ersätts av privata säkerhetsbolag – 16 Augusti, 2019



POLISEN. Conny Andersson kunde som insider se ett mönster i tillsättningarna av högre poster inom polisen. Han menar att det inte är en slump att en person som Göran Lindberg fått höga poster. Lindberg kallades för Kapten Klänning. Han fick utmärkelsen “Årets feminist”, men Lindberg var i själva verket en hänsynslös våldtäktsman som fick 6,5 års fängelse för sadistiska våldtäkter på unga flickor.

Läs mera & video: SwebbTV: “Saturday interview # 57 – Ex cop Conny Andersson” (58:39)

(Videos) X22 Report: Episode 1944A – 1944B : Destruction of the Fed Economy, Ready to Blow – August 15, 2019

YouTube: (X22 Report)

What You Are Witnessing Is The Destruction Of The [CB] Economy- Episode 1944a

Trump is pushing the gold price up, everytime the market dips a little the gold price moves up. The patriots are doing this slowly. Trump is pushing the Fed to cut rates to 0 and start stimulus, this will put the Fed in a position where they do not control the economy.

[C] Before [D], It’s Getting Ready To Blow – Episode 1944b

The [DS] is panicking, [AS] tweets out again about deep fakes. More information is dripping out, the reason for this is get the American people on the same page. HRC email documents were released and they show the server was forwarding classified emails to a foreign entity. Coats resigned today, next id the Declass. Everything is getting ready to blow.

US Navy Regards Electromagnetic Propulsion & Tesla Shield Patents as Operable — New Article – August 16, 2019


The US Navy has for the second time in a year intervened to support a patent application for an exotic propulsion system technology lodged by one of its employees, Dr. Salvator Pais, which had been rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The Drive’s Brett Tingley comprehensively examines many details of Dr. Pais’ proposed invention, and why the Navy has intervened to support two of his applications.

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Curcumin May Help Prevent Or Combat Stomach Cancer, Study Finds — Waking Times – August 15, 2019

lower inflammation

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory
Waking Times

Though few of us know it, the majority of the populace suffers from stomach problems. If low hydrochloric acid levels (which can result in poor digestion, bloating, and skin conditions) isn’t the issue, ulcers or acid buildup (typically caused by stress and poor diet) might be. Fortunately, a component found in turmeric may be able to prevent and possibly combat stomach concerns — specifically, stomach cancer.

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