(Videos) X22 Report: Episode 1944A – 1944B : Destruction of the Fed Economy, Ready to Blow – August 15, 2019

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What You Are Witnessing Is The Destruction Of The [CB] Economy- Episode 1944a

Trump is pushing the gold price up, everytime the market dips a little the gold price moves up. The patriots are doing this slowly. Trump is pushing the Fed to cut rates to 0 and start stimulus, this will put the Fed in a position where they do not control the economy.


[C] Before [D], It’s Getting Ready To Blow – Episode 1944b

The [DS] is panicking, [AS] tweets out again about deep fakes. More information is dripping out, the reason for this is get the American people on the same page. HRC email documents were released and they show the server was forwarding classified emails to a foreign entity. Coats resigned today, next id the Declass. Everything is getting ready to blow.