(Videos) X22 Report: Episode 1950 – Recession Narrative, Military Timing – August 22, 2019

(X22 Report)

Did You Catch It, Recession Narrative, It’s Happening – Episode 1950a

The statistical economy is booming, unemployment low, gdp number high, stock market booming, jobless claims have dropped, and the MSM is talking about a recession. The [CB] is in a panic, they are being exposed. Trump is showing the people that there is no need for them. Trump is prepping the people for the transition, he just told everyone and China is the cover story. The [CB] is the target.

Video: https://youtu.be/7milIyF6UV4

Ammunition Used, Failed, Wait For It, Military Timing – Episode 1950b

The CEO of Overstock resigned. Obama’s are purchasing a multi-million dollar mansion. JW is in court fighting [HRC]. Guards are subpoenaed in the JE case. Red flag laws fizzles in senate. Federal Court Rules Electoral College Members Not Bound by Popular Vote. The Philly man was an FBI informant. This entire operation has been planned from the beginning, look at what had to be done at each stage. It’s coming, military timing.

Video: https://youtu.be/mCSVBPE1nWk