(Videos) X22 Report – Episode 1951: Trump Signals the Reset, Public Discovers Illegal Surveillance – August 23, 2019

(X22 Report)

Economic Optics Are Important, Trump Signals The Reset – Episode 1951a (16:51)

The Eurozone economy is crashing quickly, consumer confidence falle to -7.1. Trump continuing the push to get the Fed to lower rates, remember optics are
important, the Fed is independent so it must look likely Trump is fighting with them. Trump wins no matter what, Fed listens economy is incredible, Fed does the
opposite he told everyone it would happen.


Panic, Message Evergreen, Public Discovers Illegal Surveillance – Episode 1951b (33:48)

The [DS] is panicking, Nadler begs for evidence, messages sent using evergreen. Patrick Byrne talks about illegal surveillance, the public is now informed.
Mifsud lawyer says the Italian Minister pushed Mifsud. JW gets permission from a Judge for more discovery into HRC email scandal. The patriots have it all in
regards to Flynn, Mike Rodgers explains why. Trump sends a message to anons.