(Video) X22 Report: Episode 1953 – Watching the Reset, Perfect Storm Confirmed – August 26, 2019

(X22 Report)

We Are Watching The Reset Of The World Economy – Episode 1953a

The patriots are pushing the plan forward, what we are watching is the destruction of the old [CB] system and the birth of a new economic system. This is all being done out in the open, keeping the [CB] off guard, making them think they have the upper hand.


Perfect Storm Confirmed,Horowitz Concludes 4 FISA Warrants Illegal – Episode 1953b

Axios reported that Trump wanted to use nukes to stop hurricanes, this is fake news but [HRC] trolled Trump. Trump retweets JW while at the G7. Joe D drops bombshells, the first, Utah has all of [HRC] emails, the second, IG Horowitz concludes 4 FISA warrants are illegal. Horowitz finished report, it will be turned over to Barr. RG tweets out a question about SR. Nerd of Heck researches [RBG], find interesting information. Perfect Storm confirmed.