Me – August 29, 2019


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Hi All 🙂

Updates to the blog will take a much needed break.
When this blog was started i didn´t know that it was so much corruption in this world so much abuse of power, greed, control, ego, fake news, modern slavery, human trafficking, elite pedophilia, child sex trafficking, chemtrails, depopulation agenda, corrupted governments and so on. Many crimes against humanity.
Fortunately there is a lot of positive things/changes happening thanks to the alliance, the white hats, the galactic federation and other groups to get rid of this “infected swamp”.

A few words on the way:
Never give away your own power to somebody else or to your government. You got the power within, use it. You are sovereign human beings and a child of God, all of you.
Listen within to your heart the heart is the true Love. Love yourself. God created you perfect.

This has been a long journey and it´s time to move on and to create:

new thoughts
new choices
new actions
new behaviours
new experiences
new adventures
new feelings
new sensations

Many thanks to all you readers, take care!

God bless you all!

Love, Light and Peace!


© Copyright – TheLightHasWon