Saint Germain: New Earth — Era of Light – September 10, 2019

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My dear brothers on earth, I am writing to all of you to share our joy with new achievements and victories of Light on Gaia. We celebrate the liberation of humanity and ➤➤

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 1965 – Gold will Destroy the FED, Deep State Doomed – September 9, 2019

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Trump Knew, Boris Makes His Move, Gold Will Destroy The [CB] – Episode 1965a

The [DS]/[CB] believe they have BJ, but there maybe one last card that BJ can play and it seems that Trump might have known about this the entire time, did he help him to discover this little gem. Trump is preparing the economy for the transition, to do this he needs to remove as many people as he can who are dependent on the government. A new report showing who has the gold has been released, interesting timing. → Video

Did You Catch Trump’s Messages, Optics Are Important, [DS] Doomed – Episode 1965b

The [DS] is now going all out to stop Trump, Nadler is pushing impeachment, Rep Collins says there is nothing to push. Trump has a challenger in the Presidential race and Trump hits him hard. Trump releases messages to the people directly bypassing the MSM. The new DHS protocol will cut down on the undocumented immigrants. Protests in Hong Kong, France, the movement is growing. Trump going after the true enemy in Afghanistan. Trump explains in a tweet what has taken place and it’s the complete opposite of the MSM. → Video