(Video) X22 Report: Episode 1979 – IMF Should Cease to Exist, Deep State Failed Again – September 26, 2019

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Published Sep 25, 2019

The Shot Across The Bow, The IMF Should Cease To Exist – Episode 1979a

The economic plan is working, the rate cut and stimulus is giving the economy the jolt it needs to stay afloat until the 2020 election, after that the patriots can really go to work on the economy. China is extending an olive branch, they are looking to purchase pork from the US. Russia wants the IMF to cease to exist, the shot across the bow.


[DS] Failed Again, Think Mirror, More Panic & Pain Coming, Next Wave Begins – Episode 1979b

For days the DS/Dems/MSM have been pushing the whistleblower accusations, Trump released the transcript and it turned out to be nothing. All eyes are now on Biden, Obama and Clinton, the impeachment push has gone down the drain. Trump was transparent and now he wants the Dems to be transparent, show Bidens call, show it all. More pain coming, prepare for the next wave.


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