(Video) X22 Report: Episode 1980 – Economic Control, Patriots Getting Ready to Strike Again – September 27, 2019

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Published Sep 26, 2019

Economic Control Belongs To The Patriots, [CB] Days Are Numbered – Episode 1980a

The patriots have done it, the economy is now turning around, housing sales are picking up, pending homes sales are picking up, this doesn’t mean the economy has been fixed, this means Trump is using the same rate cuts and stimulus to pump the economy up. The [CB] is no longer in charge, Trump will push the [CB] for more rate cuts and stimulus. All part of the plan.


[DS]/MSM Scrambling, Patriots Getting Ready To Strike Again – Episode 1980b

The [DS]/MSM they are scrambling to control the narrative which they lost once Trump produced his transcript of the phone conversation. The [DS] plan did not go the way they thought, they never expected transparency. Trump and the patriots have another card up their sleeve, they will play it soon. The plan was to push JB, HRC, and BO out into the public and attach corruption to them. Trump needed to bring in [CROWDSTRIKE]. The whistleblower is a CIA asset, most likely placed into the WH to spy on Trump. Get ready because the next strike is coming.


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