(Video) X22 Report: Episode 1996 – Economic Trap Set, Declas Disinformation Projected – October 16, 2019

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Published Oct 16, 2019

IMF [CB] Right On Schedule, The Economic Trap Has Been Set – Episode 1996a

Trump and the patriots are letting the people know that the economy is strong, wages are up, unemployment low, new trade deals are in the works. The US is now being prepped for the transition, do not get confused, the old [CB] is dead, Trump will drive it into the ground and transition us to a sound money system. The IMF fell right into the trap, the are now reporting that the trade wars are the cause of the global meltdown.


Declas Disinformation Projected, Chatter, JA Back In The News – Episode 1996b

The [DS] has no way out of their plan that didn’t work, they are holding close door meetings so the people don’t catch on. The AS, NP have changed the rules to fit their agenda and now the people are catching wind of this. JA is now in court to see if he will be sent back to the US, the patriots are getting prepared for the evidence to be produced, timing is very important. The Syria plan is moving along according to schedule, here come the negotiations between Turkey, US, Syria and Russia, boom. Trump and Flynn have coordinated their banner pages.


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Internationella valutafonden efterlyser global koldioxidskatt — Nya Dagbladet – 16 Oktober, 2019

(Nya Dagbladet)  I en ny rapport vädjar Internationella Valutafonden (IMF) till politiker att “vidta omedelbara åtgärder” eftersom “global uppvärmning hotar planeten och människors levnadsstandard”. I konkreta ordalag efterlyser man framförallt en global koldioxidskatt.

Skatten man föreslår i rapporten Fiscal Monitor: How to Mitigate Climate Change är 75 dollar per ton koldioxid, något som man bedömer ytterligare kommer att höja elpriser med i snitt 45 procent under en tioårsperiod och bränslepriser med 15 procent. →

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