Broadcasting Live! — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – October 24, 2019

Just a reminder…

Everything you do, every thought, feeling, action, reaction has a vibrational ‘marker’. Each one of those markers, even the inaudible,
are heard by those around you and is transmitted to The Universe and will respond in kind. (Smiling) Take a few moments today to really think about this.

Whatever you choose to broadcast from your own personal station reverberates throughout your existence. It is up to you to decide how to proceed and what you want to be surrounded with. As always, you are supported and loved regardless. ~ Creator

SourceBroadcasting Live! — The Creator Writings

Higher Frequency Energies to Come from the 9th Dimension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton — October 24, 2019

Higher Frequency Energies to Come from the 9th Dimension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are considering taking ourselves into a higher echelon of the ninth dimension, because we are wanting very much to be of greater value to all of you. And our assumption is that you can handle the higher frequency energies that we would then transmit from the very border of the tenth dimension. We’ve noticed that humanity has a capacity to handle energies that are of a particular frequency, and we are looking to stretch where you are now to where you ultimately are going and wanting to go but could go faster. We are doing this not just for all of you, but also for ourselves and all the other beings throughout the galaxy that we are helping. →

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Edward Snowden Tells Joe Rogan, US Government Could Have Prevented 9/11 — The Free Thought Project – October 24, 2019

(WT) Since 2013 the real government whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has been in political asylum in Russia, where he continues to write books and tell his story of how as an employee of the NSA he discovered that the government was breaking the law in constructing a massive surveillance state. Today, the surveillance is such a ubiquitous par of our lives, that people have come to see it as a normal part of everyday life, and hardly any politician bothers to work against it. It’s here to stay, sadly. →

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Congressman Confronts Zuckerberg About Censoring Information About Vaccine Safety — Collective Evolution – October 24, 2019

(Collective-Evolution)  Mark Zuckerberg was recently confronted by Senator Bill Posey from Florida during a hearing on Capitol Hill about Facebook’s recent censorship on information about vaccine safety. Zuckerberg shared that they are simply conforming with the general scientific consensus, and do their best to censor information that may be harmful to people. This really shows his unawareness about vaccine safety, and he also used the term “anti-vaccine.” Furthermore, headlines are popping up within the mainstream once again reading “anti-vaccine conspiracy theories” and “vaccine misinformation.” This is a common tactic from the pharmaceutical controlled mainstream media, they always use these terms along with ridicule instead of addressing the concerns and points made by vaccine safety advocates. You can watch the Congressman and Zuckerberg’s exchange below, but first, I wanted to put a tidbit of information about why people are concerned about vaccines. →

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Alzheimers-epidemin kan vara orsakad av bakterieinfektioner — TV Hälsa – 24 Oktober, 2019

(TV-Hälsa)  FORSKNING & DEBATT. Alzheimers-epidemin drabbar allt fler. Cirka 47 miljoner i världen lever med en demenssjukdom. Varje år insjuknar 10 miljoner, det motsvarar en person var tredje sekund. Prognosen för antalet personer med demenssjukdom är för år 2030 hela 75 miljoner människor och år 2050 astronomiska 131 miljoner. →

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Hälsofarlig strålning i lägenhet pga mobilbasstationer — Strålskyddsstiftelsen – 24 Oktober, 2019

(Strålskyddsstiftelsen)  Hälsofarliga nivåer av mikrovågsstrålning uppmättes nyligen i en lägenhet i Stockholm där det fanns såväl mobilbasstationer rakt ovanför lägenheten samt dessutom basstationer på grannfastigheten 50 meter bort. Den högsta uppmätta strålningen i sovrummet var mellan 90 000 mikroW/m2 och 76 000 mikroW/m, långt över de nivåer där forskning upprepat visat förhöjd risk för ohälsa inklusive ökad cancerrisk. →

Läs mera & video clip: “Mobilbasstationer är hälsofarliga. Sänder mikrovågsstrålning.” (0:57) via  — Strålskyddsstiftelsen

Chilenare: Massmedierna ljuger om upproren i Santiago — NewsVoice – 24 Oktober, 2019

(NewsVoice)  NOTERAT. Chilenare berättar för NewsVoice att massmedierna mörkar och förvrider vad som händer i huvudstaden Santiago i Chile. Istället för att berätta om de egentliga skälen till oroligheterna försöker massmedierna ge skenet av att det bara handlar om våldsamma demonstranter som är arga på dyra biljetter i kollektivtrafiken. Istället handlar det om 30 år av förtryck och misär. →

Läs mera & RT video: “Violent protests in Santiago, Chile continue” (2:13:49) via  — NewsVoice